Old Tahawi horses hujjah resurfaces

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on August 1st, 2010 in General

I think I just made a remarkable discovery from the website of the Tahawi clan in Egypt (eltahawysaoud.com): a scanned copy of the original hujjah (Arabic authentication document) of three horses acquired by the Tahawi Bedouins of Egypt from the Sba’ah tribe. Below is the scanned copy of the hujjah in Arabic, and my own translation of it — a rough and dirty translation for now:

In the Name of God the Most Merciful and Compassionate

To his Excelleny the Honorable Sheykh Faysal Bey al-Abdallah al-Saud [al-Tahawi]

I testify by God and his Prophet that the two grey horses, the first of which is aged two and a half years, and which is with Husayn Hilal, are [both] Duhm [plural of Dahman] al-‘Amiri, of the horses of Jarallah Ibn al-Tuwayrish from the Arabs of Sba’ah from the tribal section of Saheem, and the sire of one of them is Kuhaylan al-Kharas, and the sire of the other one is Kuhaylan al-Tamri of the horses of the Sba’ah; and I testify by God and by Muhammad the Prophet of God that they are protected [muhaffadhat] and free of impurities;

And concerning the bay ‘Ubayyah mare, which has a foal by a her side, a colt, she is ‘Ubayyah Sharrakiyah, the mare of Faran ibn Hamud al-Samdan, from the Arabs of Sba’ah, from the tribal section of Saheem; and I know her, she is the mare of Faran al-Samdan, then she passed to the Shaykh Salih al-Misrib, then she was purchased by Husayn Hilal, and he took her to you, with the Dahman stallions. And we also witness by God and by Muhammad the Prophet of God, that the three horses [i.e. the two Dahman stallions and the ‘Ubayyah mare] which are with Husayn Hilal are protected [muhaffadhat], and from the lineages of the Sba’ah.

I am also sending you the photo of the black horse, the Saqlawi Jadran, which is three and a half years old, he is the horse of ‘Ajeel ibn Jadyan ibn Zubayni from the Fad’aan, from the tribal section of al-Shumaylat, and his sire is the bay Kuhaylan al-Khdili, the one which was sent by the Shaykh Miqhim ibn Mhayd to His Highness King Ibn Saud, and that aforementioned black horse, is the brother of the chestnut Saqlawi stallion which was bought by Hayyan ibn [currently illegible name, probably Muhaysin] ibn Sha’ban from Ajeel ibn Jadyan for our uncle [a mark of respect, not his actual uncle] al-Hajj Nasr [Abu Smayda al-Tahawi].

Signed: The horse merchant of Hims, Rashid Mu’ayni

21 October 1937

[seal of Rashid Salim Mu’ayni]

I have a gazillion comments and annotation to make, but will keep these for later because I have to run. Bedtime for the kids.

6 Responses to “Old Tahawi horses hujjah resurfaces”

  1. This is just so cool!!

  2. Wow! How did this surface? Certainly raises some interesting questions . . .

  3. This Hujjah confirms Dr Mabrouk’s information on Syrian horses sent to King Abdel Aziz by Ibn Mehaid .
    Which means that the “Saudi” horses may not be so “Pure Saudi” from Saudi tribes of Nejd as some mentionned.
    Furthermore Mabrouk mentionned Iraqi horses sent to the King

  4. Does anyone know how to contact Elta Cook the owner of a stud named Ibn El Iat? If you do would you ploease send her my email address and ask her to contact me? Thanks Wendy Clark

  5. I forgot my email http://www.wendyl7537@hotmail.com
    Thanks again, Wendy

  6. uh, Wendy, is your email really wendyl7537@hotmail.com ? I think the http://www. is extraneous.

    Elta goes to Florida for the winter and returns to Illinois in the Spring. She takes her horses (including Ibn El Iat) with her. I am hoping to use her stallion on a rare *Samirah line mare in the spring.


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