Other Ali Pasha Sherif stallions not owned by Lady Anne Blunt

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on August 21st, 2014 in Egypt

There are not many of these. Lady Anne reviews four of them in a letter to Wilfrid Blunt, dated December 13, 1914:

“Up to last year Yusuf Bey was the only one of the sons owning a stallion from that Stud [APS’s] — a beautiful white horse about 15 years old. But its name was ‘Kaukab’ not ‘Valentino’… Ibrahim Bey had a horse but that was done away with two or three years ago when the glanders scare occured. Of outsiders Moharrem Pasha and Ahmed Fathi, formerly wakil of the Daira, each had a stallion. I know Moharrem P. still has his. A. Fathi’s was not remarkable and would hardly fetch 500 pounds but that can be found out without much difficulty. Mutalk is pretty sure there is nothing else…” 

— The first one with Yusef Bey is clearly Kaukab (Ibn Sherara x Bint Nuar El Shakra) and is identified by name here. Lady Anne saw in 1914 and described him. See earlier entry.

— The second one, the one that was with Ibrahim Bey Sherif but died a few years before, appears to have been the horse mentioned in a February 24, 1902, entry of Lady Anne’s Journals:

He [Prince Sanguszko] told me he had seen a grey horse belonging to Ibrahim Bey Sherif that was from Ali Pasha Sherif Stud. It is 8 years old [so born in 1894], color of Wujra — still quite grey. Mutlak says the sire was Ibn Nadir.

— The third one from Moharram Pasha, was also seen by Lady Anne who refers to him in her Journal entry twice. The first time on November 9th, and the second time on November 20th, 1909:

“The Serinji came in the afternoon and says Moharrem Pasha would like to sell the daughter of Yatima and perhaps Kasida’s half brother, so unless he asks impossible prices I will look at these … for that might be the longed for grey stallion, and as to the Yatima [orphan in Arabic] it was stupid not have bought her as a foal.”

“To the house of Mahmud Moharrem Rustem purchaser of the Yatima and the colt by Nasrat out of Makbula [hence full brother of Kasida not half brother as thought earlier by Lady Anne]. First saw the horse, a handsome wreck, eyes sunk in and looks older than his age (16 to 17 years) [so born in 1892-93], is very like Kasida is grey, great bone, strange to say not yet white at that age. Then the mare who is own sister to Feysul and Jellabieh…”

In her Sheykh Obeyd Studbook, Lady Anne talks about his stallion Nasr/Nasrat, as having “died of the eye.. he fell dead one day when being ridden out, this happened on the bridge… His only descendants were Manokta, Kasida and a colt from Makbula” (Pearson and Mol, 1988). Moharrem Pasha’s stallion appears to have been that colt.

— The fourth one of Ahmed Fathi [Yeken] seems to be the horse mentioned in January 22, 1902 entry of Lady Anne’s Journals, who does not appear to have been impressed with him:

At 2 rode Wujra to stable. There found one of the former stable helpers of Ali Pasha Sherif who had come from Ahmed Fathi and his son Mohammed Fathi about the grey horse (now 7 years old) [so born in 1895] by Mahruss out of Johara which they want to sell.” 



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  1. Ahemd Fethi mentioned here is NOT a Yeghen, but rather a Turk originally from Kara Hisar. He was over-viewing the Daira of Chems Nur Hanim (Cherif Pacha’s wife). He decided to sell his horses when his son Mehmet Fethi (husband of Nefisa Hasan Ali Cherif)had a near fatal accident while riding a horse.

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