Photo of the Day: Murad Chahin, Shuwayman Sabbah from France

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on December 7th, 2009 in France

Bred by J.C. Rajot of Tournus, France from Robert Mauvy lines, Murad Chahin (Shawani x Hamada by Irmak) is a Shuwayman Sabbah blending Algerian and Tunisian lines with old, asil French blood. He traces to Cherifa, a Shuwaymah bred the Sba’ah Bedouins in 1869 and imported to Algeria later.

He is very reminiscent of some of the Doyle horses I saw at Terry’s and Rosemary’s this summer.

Murad Chahin

3 Responses to “Photo of the Day: Murad Chahin, Shuwayman Sabbah from France

  1. I have the impression his croup might be dissapointing but nevertheless a very nice stallion, again. Don’t hesitate to provide us with “A list of Franco-Maghrebian Arabian stallions in the West”. They seem to be well hidden but perhaps more available than we think

  2. hehe that’s a nice suggestion 😉 will do

  3. You know whats especially great about the close up desert horses and most of the Davenports too for example, is that so many of them have ample cannon bone. We need to fix the arabs we have. The fixing should start with the most glaringly obvious physical defects like toothpick legs, overly flat croups and poorly placed mitbahs( causing hammerheadedness)I suspect the fastest way to fix the Waho horses would be to infuse genes from the stouter Asils like Murab Chahin. After all a stallion can literally get hundreds of foals while a mare ten or so.

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