Photo of the day: Nomah, a Kuhaylat al-Mizher

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on June 20th, 2008 in Syria

Here’s a headshot of the pretty desert-bred mare Nomah, a Kuhaylat al-Mizher (some say Kuhaylat Ibn Mizher) from the Bedouin tribe of Tai, in North-Eastern Syria. Nomah, which was owned by B. Jadaan, was one of the most photographed Syrian mares, but this is one of her earlier photos. 

I have heard several people say that Kuhaylan Ibn Mizher is only a branch of Kuhaylan al-Krush, owned by a man by that name. Still, I am left wondering why anyone would change the name of such a prestigious strain as Kuhaylan al-Krush into something else. Perhaps mtDNA analysis could help elucidate this question.


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  1. this strain is famed for its beauty ,we do have one mare of this strain daughter of the triple national Syrian champion ”Souhab” who is the maternal uncle of our ”Hussam el Shimal’both of them from the famed Saed Agha Yakan stud, north east of Aleppo near the Turkish border.
    ”Souhab ” has several crosses to ”Guzeil” a very good race horse who raced in Beirut and to ”moje el acir” an asil horse who raced and beat part-brted iraqi horses in very important races in Beirut in the 50’s both of them if my memory dont betrays me were Saklawi Marzakani’s

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