Photo of the Day: Raad, desert-bred Kuhaylan al-Musinn from Syria

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on October 22nd, 2009 in Arabia, Syria

Blog reader and friend Omar Anbarji of Aleppo, Syria, sent me the following picture of his foundation stallion Raad, a desert-bred (yes) asil Kuhaylan al-Musinn, born in 1982, and now deceased. Raad was bred by Jamal Turki al-Saw’an, out the mare Nawal al-Kheil, and traces back to the famous marbat of Ibn ‘Amayir of the Fad’aan Bedouin tribe.

Back in the early 1980s, Omar’s father, civil engineer Munir Anbarji, was working on projects in the Syrian desert. He purchased this young Kuhaylan al-Musinn colt to use on his desert-bred mares. The handful of Aleppo horse breeders who cared about asil arabians at the time knew that this colt, Raad, was of mazbut (authenticated) origin.

Raad, a desert-bred, asil Kuhaylan al-Musinn stallion from Aleppo, Syria

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  1. Wow. He looks exactly like the horses you see in the old paintings… and what I am wanting to re-create today. Any more photos of this great guy?

  2. Also; He is demonstrating shockingly gorgeous, earth spurning collection. His conformation and movement is what is so desperately needed in the gene pool of WAHO arabians. A strong dose of desertbreds like Raad would once again help U.S. Arabians to move like horses- instead of like cattle, as they do now.
    best wishes
    bruce Peek

  3. Well, I’m in love! Is there anything left from this fine gentleman?

  4. Please find herewith photo of his similar son Hussam al Shimal
    Hussam is going to be temporary exported from Syria to France to go in my farm in ” Normandie” to be a stallion and to do an enduring career.


  6. Fascinating.Breath-taking.Can You send us more information,or pictures about this stallion, Omar?
    We can see two pictures about Nawal al Kheil In the book of Jens Sannek and Bernd Löwenherz, Desert Legacy -in search of Syria’s Arabian Horses.


  7. Wow!

    decroix–you are very fortunate to be getting his son. don’t forget to let me know the minute you have a grey filly.


  8. Thank you Elena, I will not forget. Welcome to see Hussam in my farm when he will be there. Arnault

  9. Arnault,
    after the father,Raad and the mother,Nawal el Kheil
    I saw some pictures of a fantastic young stallion,called Hussam Al Shimal.Fiery horse on the pix.Congatulate for receiving him.
    Could You tell us a little bit more about Hussam?
    The stud where was born this stallion, is a lucky place- I think. ” Al Shimal ” is a very sympatic name for a stud . It means “The north or north-west wind. In most regions this is the wind for which the Arabs pray ” – says the glossarial index of Tweedie’s book, The Arabian Horse.

    Best wishes,

  10. Thks Lazlo. In fact I’m very lucky for receiving such a horse. About his breeding, Hussam was born in ash-shmal stud, close to turkish frontiers in the north of Aleppo. It is belonging to Mr Sa’ed Ameen Yagan and his stud is one of the best in Syria and exists since 100 years. It is also close to fedaans tribes lands and many ash-shmal stud’horses were coming from them. Hussam belongs now to Al Fadi Stables in Damas and I am going to visit it next month so then I could tell you more…

  11. Raad is simply glorious! I can’t wait to see pictures of Hussam Al Shimal!

  12. Realy , he is a beatuy Horses….we needed such Horses like him.

  13. The father of Raad is a Kehailan Haifi ,the mother, Nawal Al Kheil is a Keheileh Musinneh from strain.

    But from the four grandparents of Nawal Al Kheil three are Manakis ( Manaki Sbeyli ).I read an interesting story about Nawal El Kheil in the book of J.Sannek , who had meet with the breeder of this mare ,Shaik Jamal Al Turki Al Souan.The author wrote about this noble koheilan-mare only in superlatives,and told a story about her: The Sheik gave as a present , a good foal of Nawal Al Kheil to King Fahd.The foal was so nice for the heart of the King and He had wanted the mother too. The saudi King offered 1,5 million dollars ,but Shaikh Jamal said ,the mare is not for sale.Next time King Fouad sent a biankocheck,but our Hero charched the offer: a bedouin don’t sell the last asil mare simply for money,because it is a family legacy.Some people in our community says,the Maneki is not pure.
    I have a question. If the Maneki-strain is’nt the member of the first class strains, why did a Saudi King want to buy a 3/4 Maneki – blood mare, and why didn’t sell a bedouin this horse , if it is not pure from strain?

    Best wishes,

  14. Arnalt–

    I just clicked on your name and got the picture of Hassam! Oddio mio! I can’t wait to see him–and your other horses–in person.

  15. Raad was really one the best stallions , on top of his fine pedigree and great look , Raad was so healthy and athletic , all of his life , he produced many great stallions and mares .

    best wishes


  16. Glad to see there is a such a response to Omar’s stallion Raad. Will post more about him and some of his progeny today..

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