Portia, Kuhaylah Hayfiyah photo

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on April 20th, 2015 in General

A photo of the Davenport foundation mare Portia (Tripoli x Dhalana) I had not seen before.

15 Responses to “Portia, Kuhaylah Hayfiyah photo”

  1. The Queen.

  2. Everything is there, right where its sposed to be! Seeing this mare in this honest pose allowing the viewer to carefully evaluate her conformation makes me wonder if there really wasn’t something afterall to the theory of Kuhaylan bio-type being a substantial three circle horse with a strong short back..
    best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  3. Simply glorious!

  4. Loved this mare and her decendants!

  5. That’s as close to perfection in real Arabian horses. The three circle horse, with the long neck.

  6. She was absolutely first class.

    But under Raswan’s system of pedigree analysis, she was actually 7/8 Saqlawi, and only 1/8 Kuhaylan, and therefore expected to look like a Saqlawi.

  7. Whatever that means… She just had a lot of Wadduda and lots of Hamrah/Urfah, so the odds that she would like a combination of these are greater than the odds of looking like her tail female ancestress Reshan

  8. This is a mare Edouard! She caught my eye once I saw it and I keep looking to her photo again and again. Where can one find a mare like this today!

  9. Yes, I could see her back in the desert being used by a wise Bedouin breeder to found a marbat.
    best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  10. My wanting to breed a mare to her son Portico (still alive at 36 years old) was to try and get something like this.

  11. Charles used to joke about this pedigree: After *Reshan, every sire was of the Saqlawi family. *Reshan to Hasiker (by *Hamrah) to Antarah (by Antez) to Dharanah (by Dhareb) to Dhalana (by Salan) to Portia (by Tripoli). We bred her back to Tripoli twice to keep the pattern going another generation, and got two colts, Brigadier and Brigantine. Brigantine was really my all time favorite Davenport stallion, and there are a lot of favorites!

  12. That means she would easily be good enough to be a foundation mare
    Bruce Peek

  13. And Brigantine sired an outstanding colt named HB Aurelio out of Portia’s daughter HB Octavia (by Ibn Alamein). Well balanced and that same beautiful carriage that Brigantine had. Aurelio’s breeder, Frank Hannesschlager, was very proud of that colt. I remember Frank showing him to me when he was about 2 years old and Frank commenting, “All you have to do is set him in motion and he moves so well.” I really regret that Aurelio never sired a foal.

  14. I was watching Brigantine play in his paddock one day, and he did a capriole. However, he was quite close to the barn, and his kick launched him up and out! I am sure it surprised him as much as it did me, but he carried it off with aplomb. When he was born, he weighed 120 pounds, and was able to look me in the eye when he stood up the first time. He was magnificent.

  15. Are there good pictures of him?

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