RAS Mare at Cario Agriculture Museum

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on February 22nd, 2015 in Egypt



2 Responses to “RAS Mare at Cario Agriculture Museum”

  1. Wrong color but she reminds me of Sha Bint Ameera, 1979 Bay, Combined Source mare, 48.6% Egypt I breeding. http://roster.alkhamsa.org/pedigrees/S/Sha_Bint_Ameera00daa.HTML

  2. I am quite sure that this is a picture of Bint Rabdan 1921 grey, the full sister to Ibn Rabdan. There is another very similar photo of her in the RAS collection of Judi Forbis, the photo taken from the mane side. Also in her archive are pictures of two of Bint Rabdan’s sons: Ibn Bint Rabdan 1926 grey (x Hamran), and Habashi 1935 grey by Mansour. It is too bad that Habashi did not produce foals for the RAS because from his picture he looks like the best of both parents, and somewhat better in conformation. He had big eyes, short back and excellent legs.

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