RL Bilquis, 2006 asil Hadba Enzahi mare in the USA

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on January 23rd, 2013 in General

This is how of the rescued Davenport Hadban Enzahi mares, RL Bilquis (DDA Rasan x RL Boomerette) looks like when in the knowledgeable, caring and responsible hands of someone like Jeannie Lieb. This mare, 6 months pregnant, was a pack of bones when Jeannie rescued her, and it was not certain she would survive.

10 Responses to “RL Bilquis, 2006 asil Hadba Enzahi mare in the USA”

  1. Yippee Jeannie! You are a wizard! Thank you so much for giving “Penny” a place and helping her, “Be all that she can be!”

  2. Trakheners wish they could move that nicely! More to the point is there an Al Khamsa rescue fund that we could contribute to?
    Best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  3. The task force is setting up a Preservation Fund that involves rescuing some select rare lines that wind up in rough situations.. not exactly a rescue fund. We’ll keep you posted.

  4. Well done Jenny!
    🙂 Bruce,too right !

  5. Thanks for the compliments (blush). The “rehab” isn’t done yet but she is over the hump and the pregnancy seems to be going well. Yipee!

  6. See; heres the thing,, some of the Olde american lines and the saudi and few of the new eygyptian, and babson turfa lines
    move BETTER, than any warmblood or andulusian I have ever seen. These asils are the living reason why the several european cavalry remount systems valued use of their anscestors to fix military breeding programs. So Edouard your contention that the market is going to turn for asil breeders is I think quite correct. But it is going to take time. It can of course be helped along if Asil breeders will get their horses out to various sporting venues where they can seen for the superlative movers many of them are!
    Best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  7. The market can turn — that is if the current culture can get back to valuing the Arabian horse for its superlative riding qualities as central to its future.

  8. I absolutely agree with you Joe and as Bruce says the way to help ‘turn the market’ is to get out there on your fabulous horses and let them speak for themselves !!

    Bruce, to my eye and certainly from the privileged position of the saddle I agree… nobody knows how to move like an Arab who basically floats/flies no matter what the going…. just sublime, a lightness born of natural engagement and a free shoulder.
    Any Warmblood always looks ponderous and earthbound in comparison to me, no matter how good (‘big’) a mover in WB terms… though the Trakhener probably gets closest for the simple reason that it carries the highest % of Arab blood.
    After all, as we all know, Arab blood is THE wellspring of any real ground covering movement in any breed tb,wb whatever, were it not for the Arab blood in their veins they would be just very ‘ordinary’ horses indeed.

    I would argue though that the beauty of Iberian movement is so different from that of the Arab that the two cannot really be compared, while a WB may look like a clumsy ‘wannabe’ Arab, the Iberian is his own proud self.

    Having said that and, although I do admire the Iberian breeds and enjoy riding them when the occasion arises, I feel that life is just far, far too short to have any but an Arab for one’s own riding horse !

  9. Well I know what you mean. years ago I had a Ghallii(sp) grandson that had okay confirmation- but he could lift his back and extend his shoulder like no other horse i’ve ever been on. One of his uncles( to describe the relationship descent in human terms- an own son of Ghallii was an absolutely jaw dropping mover. And I’ve just seen a video of a S.E. stallion about 70 miles from where i live that moves like that Ghallii son. This particular horse i’m referring to also has some lines to some hansi Melnycks horses too. She knew what she was doing in terms of breeding for confirmation and movement years ago when other arab breeders were still thinking they wanted park horses.. Anyhow i have to get down to see this particular S.E. stallion and see if he really does move that good. If its true then he would be a horse worth going to trouble of getting frozen semen from..
    best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  10. It would be nice to see a video of him Bruce if he moves as well as you hope…fingers crossed that he will!!

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