Schiba, an American asil line in Europe

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on March 10th, 2012 in General

The other day I was look at the remaining asil lines to the legendary stallion Hanad in the United States. I came across his lines through the mare Schiba (Hanad x Shilan by Antez), who was one of the foundation mares for the Krausnick’s Shar Char Farms. The line produced well for the Krausnicks (Mistlany, Shar Hiba, Shar Moliah and Char Mist come to mind), but has become very thin today, especially in the tail female. Then I remembered that at least two mares from this line were exported to Germany and become the foundations for Dr. Walter Olms’ Hamasa Stud: Shar Duda (Negem x Shar Hiba by Fa Turf) and Shar Zarqa (Negem x Shar Turfa by Fa Turf), who is below.

The same day, Monique from the Netherlands sent me a message asking me to highlight the stallion Maamoon Tarik (Maamoon Ibn Gazala x Hamasa Tulayha by Tufail) who is from the line. He has two lines to the two mars from Schiba that were exported from the USA to Germany, including one in the tail female, but also a line to Faziza (Fa Turf x Azyya by Kenur), who also came from the Krausnicks to Germany, and graces Dr. Klynstra’s book “Nobility of the Desert” with her photo. She was the dama of the typey stallion Tufail, by Kaisoon (below), bred by Dr. Olms.

Most interestingly, the striking Maamoon Tarik (two photos below), whose color is a fiery shade of brown, carries a close line to Gazala, a desert-bred mare with lines to the Shammar of Hail, imported to Germany by a doctor who had worked in Saudi Arabia. I had featured Gazala here a couple years ago, but I had never come across her grandson before. I am not sure if the photo in is his (looks like the background of the Egyptian Albadeia Stud), but the photos below are striking enough.

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  1. Andrea Klein ( began her breeding program with the stallion Hamasa Kadir, tail-female to Schiba through Shar Zarqa. Her current stallion also goes back to the same tail-female line. Her foundation mare, Inja, same tail-female, and her second foundation mare goes to Shar Duda. Her farm focuses on riding/training exclusively with asil horses of this breeding. Probably the last such in Germany, as Dr. Olms has since converted entirely to Straight Egyptian. Andrea is a superb rider who frequently has won the Asil high-point award at Aachen. I was fortunate to spend two days with her several years ago. If you are nearly, its worth a visit.

  2. Kudos to the rider above!! She is not riding with squared off braced hands! And she is actually taking flexion. She isn’t looking down. If she rides that way all the time with a good straight position, not presenting a squared off, blocked feel to her horses, I’ll bet they love working for her.
    best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  3. It is not the only stud from Andrea. Dominique Ruth and her husband Ronald are the owners of Maamoon Tarik and several Asil mares with very interesting breeding like Tarik and Asil Marbach.

  4. Tarik unfortunately passed away this summer. He was also chestnut, not brown, and a very impressive horse to see in real life. I only met him once at Al Gadir Asil Arabians in Germany, and he was one of those unforgettable horses that comes along once in a while.
    With his last owners he left quite a lot of good offspring. My favourite of those I have seen is probably Tabari Al Gadir, a black son of his, who has the same presence as Tarik had.
    Thank you very much for this interesting article!

  5. Was wondering if by any chance you had a picture of Azyya the dam of Faziza For a picture pedigree for a friend of mine.

  6. i am sorry i dont

  7. thank you for checking

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