So long, Ginger

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on July 15th, 2017 in General

This week, my beautiful Ginger (DA Ginger Moon) left for Idaho, on lease to Bev Davison. She will be missed, but I could not give her the chance she deserved over the past three years, for lack of a suitable stallion, and competing breeding projects (and programs). Her 2015 miscarriage after a successful breeding to the aged Bahraini Mlolshaan stallion in Michigan still haunts me.

Ginger July 2015

Bev will attempt a breeding to Buckner (photo below), on lease from Rosemary, Terry and Lyman Doyle, and then to one of her handsome Babson-Doyles, if all goes well. Buckner is double Greggan and double Subani, and it does not get better than that!

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2 Responses to “So long, Ginger”

  1. Very good news! Best of wishes to Bev and Ginger.

  2. Great News! Ginger is such a gorgeous girl. I have admired her for years via photos on her breeder’s website and here on your blog Edouard. All the best for her and Bev. This baby will be priceless and will be for sure a great heir of Lady Anne’s, Richard Pritzlaff’s and Prince Mohammed Ali’s breeding program.

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