Stallions offered to the Queen of England, not mares

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on May 17th, 2013 in Bahrain

I am now told that the two horses offered by the King of Bahrain to the Queen of England are stallions, not mares, and that the Bahrainis brought over 7 or 8 stallions which were displayed at the Royal Windsor Horse Show, partly as Bahrain was sponsoring the big FEI Endurance ride at the same venue. Each of the 7-8 stallions appear to be from a different strain. You can see amateur photos here, here and here.  The one below is my favorite (URL copied and redirects to website, with credits to “AnnaMaisy25” who took the picture). He appears to be one of the two offered to the Queen.

Bahrain stallion


One Response to “Stallions offered to the Queen of England, not mares”

  1. Hello Edouard,
    The stallions presented to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth by His Majesty King Hamad of Bahrain are now living with us, on behalf of Her Majesty, here at Pearl Island Arabians alongside my own Bahraini mares and stallions. They were in fact a chestnut Mlolshaan and a Grey (marshoosh) Tuwaisaan and not the stallion in this photograph. I am not clever enough to work out how to load up photos on to this website but I will email you some photos for you to put up.
    best wishes,

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