The mare Yemama in the veterinary records of Abbas Hilmi

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on September 22nd, 2017 in General

The Saqlawiyah Jadraniyah mare Yemameh/Yamama was the dam of the Crabbet foundation stallion Mesaoud, and the progenitor of the female line of Saqlawi Jadran that runs through the world famous Mahroussa and her offsprings at Prince Mohammed Ali Tewfiq of Egypt, many of which were exported to the USA and Europe and founded important families there.

Yemameh/Yamama (same spelling in Arabic, different pronunciation  depending on whether it’s pronounced in Egpytian Arabic or Classical Arabic) was  from the breeding of Ali Pasha Sharif and went to the Khedive Abbas Hilmi II in his Qoubbeh/Koubbah stables. Wilfrid Blunt entered the following entry in his diary:

11th Jan. [1896] — Took Anne and Judith to Koubbah to see the Khedive. He received us with great empressement… and showed us his stud. He has got together some nice mares, but nothing quire first class, except two of Ali Pasha Sherif’s, one of which is our horse Mesaoud’s dam, a very splendid mare, with the finest head in the world. He has bred some promising colts and altogether the thing is well done.”

The veterinary records for the Khedivial Stud offer the following additional information on the mare’s production:

2 July 1900: “The colt ibn Yamama is in good health”

July 1900, no day: “The filly bint Yamama has an inflammation in the hock”

23 July 1900: “Bint Yamama under training daily”

What these records show is that the mare Yemameh/Yamama had two offspring in the studs of Abbas Hilmi, one male, no trace in modern pedigrees, and one female, who went on to be the dam of Nasr, Negma and others of global fame at the Manial stud of Prince Mohammed Ali Tewfiq, the Khedive’s brother.

Both the male and the female were respectively referred to as “mohr” (colt) and “mohra” (filly), which in the context of the time, meant horses aged four and under (so still growing) and not bred yet.

Al Khamsa gives 1895 as a date of birth for Bint Yamama, which makes sense. Not sure what the source for that date was, though.


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