Two Ribal photos

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on October 14th, 2012 in General

These two photos of Ribal (Berk x Rijma by Rijm) I had not seen before.


2 Responses to “Two Ribal photos”

  1. Obviously not very comfy in the second but the first looks like there may be a lot to like… as far as we can tell with such an old photo..good that we can now preserve old photos digitally before they degrade even further…

  2. Thanks Edouard for posting these photos, I believe the first photo is taken on the original land of the Maynesboro Stud and located right outside the “lodge” that many of the “Maynesboro Stud Celebration” riders recently rode over in order to access the- training ring; that too, was included by the Berlin Coos County Historical Society on the event ride!

    I am lucky enough to have covered a mare of mine twice to a Ribal relative through Douban…I have a 2yr. old and weanling!

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