Video: Foundation horses of Antique Arabian Stud

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on July 12th, 2010 in Saudi

Thanks to Edie Booth for this video of some of the old horses of Antique Arabian Stud, which trace closely to desert-bred Arabians imported from Saudi Arabian, mostly from its Royal Studs. The segment where the newborn foal plays with Edie’s son (now a young man) is very touching. How I wish my children could have this interaction on a daily basis.. Two more videos were shared by Edie, too..

One Response to “Video: Foundation horses of Antique Arabian Stud”

  1. Edie Booth,

    What a way to start a day at the office, simply thanks
    for what you are doing and have already done. This brief window into your life, and the life of these horses is
    what you have been gifted. Sure the words, this or that source about these horses are fun, but not nearly the life of what you have shared and have lived.

    I wish you and the horses well, thanks Edouard for bringing this story to light. I always wanted to see these horses, now I have through the eyes of Eddie Booth
    and her son. Twenty seven years old? What an example
    of the asil!

    Thanks, Jackson

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