Wadd happy in Oregon

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on June 10th, 2017 in General

Jessie Heinrick send me these nice photos of her Wadd, who seems to be enjoying the vast expanses of the Oregon High Desert. He has never looked so happy, and that makes me happy for him. Thank you, Jessie. I hope he will show his worth with your new mares.

The last and smallest photo in the evening light, shows similarities with the XIXth century Arabian horse lithographs of Carle Vernet and Victor Adam, very much in the style of his mother Wisteria: an arched neck, a powerful shoulder, a broad chest, a deep girth (deeper than many of his relatives I have seen), a short back, a round barrel and that small Wisteria croup.

6 Responses to “Wadd happy in Oregon”

  1. Wadd looks wonderful! Easy to see why Jessie has become quite enamored of him. What a great life for a stallion.

  2. A total joy to see! Thanks

  3. I agree. It makes me feel good inside to see him so happy!

  4. Handsome boy! He’s in his element.

  5. My, how time flies. Nice to see Wadd all grown up and happy.

  6. How blessed is Wadd…i like all the pics but especially the last one-very beautiful and shows how really beautiful he is.

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