Zahra not in foal, covered again by Audacious CF for 2018

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on May 31st, 2017 in General

In another bout of bad luck, Zahra (RL Zahra Assahra, by Portent x Antezzah by Grand Pass) turned out not to be in foal to Latitude HD (Atticus x Lycia CF by Lydian), to which she had been bred to last October. That cross if successful was going to be the 2017 vintage of the Al-Dahdah program. Carrie Slayton, who boards her for me, took this shot of her below, which shows her conformation well. I really like the dark black skin of her muzzle, and I also like the strong back and coupling, which are characteristic of this strain.

Carrie also bred her yesterday and the day before to her beautiful Audacious CF (Telemachus x Audacity), photos of Audacious below. Lets see if she takes, she is 22 so still young by my standards. I am so looking forward to that cross, they are a good match. Photos from Carrie.

4 Responses to “Zahra not in foal, covered again by Audacious CF for 2018”

  1. Zahra is a lovely, rare and unique Hadban Inzihiyah Davenport mare. She was the perfect mare for Audacious CF to learn his “trade” of breeding stallion. Unfortunately, he had not had a chance to breed until his mature age of 19 years. Thanks to Zahra, he had a very positive experience and was a complete gentleman with mare and handler. I am as excited as Edouard to see results from this cross, as much as I am disappointed she was not in foal to Latitude, a grand horse. All digits crossed for the future!

  2. Congratulations Edouard and Carrie! I’m excited about this foal too!

  3. Of course you are excited, Jeannie, as Audacious CF is half yours too!

  4. Gorgeous lady! Keeping fingers crossed for you all.

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