Zenobia, Ubayyah Sharrakiyah from Lebanon, 1991

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on December 28th, 2017 in Lebanon

Zenobia, born in 1977, was one of the prettiest asil mare in Lebanon, my father’s favorite horse, and a notoriously difficult producer. A ‘Ubayyah Sharrakiyah tracing to the marbat of Ibn Thamdan of the Sba’ah, with a regal pedigree that was linebred to Mach’al, the foundation stallion of Lebanese asil breeding. She left no asil progeny, and my father sold her in 1992 at the age of 15.

Sire: Achhal, a son of Mach’al; dam: Bint Su’ad; sire of dam: Wazzal, another son of Mach’al; dam of dam: Su’ad; sire of granddam: al-Jazzar; dam of granddam: Mash’al’s sister, a daughter of Shaykh al-Arab.

3 Responses to “Zenobia, Ubayyah Sharrakiyah from Lebanon, 1991”

  1. Wonderful mare! She looks a bit like the Davenport mare, ADA Skylarking, but has better wither.

  2. She looked like photos I have seen of Portia. In real life, she was very feminine and refined, and well built.

  3. She is certainly a beauty! What a loss. Another loss.

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