AAS Sawannah, an asil Arabian back to her homeland

By Matthias Oster

Posted on February 10th, 2011 in Saudi

Below is a photo of a USA bred Arabian mare, which we saw at the stables of Prince Turki bin Fahd Bin Jiluwi Aal Saud, a scion of the Jiluwi family who were the Eastern al-Ihsaa (Hasa) province governor.

The mare is a Dahmat Shahwan, AAS Sawannah, by AAS Hezzez out of DB Jasidah by Desert Jalam. Prince Turki bint Fahd Al-Jalawi told us that this mare traces to the horses of his family’s stud in al-Hufuf, and that he had bought her because this line had died out in Saudi Arabia.

Prince Turki also imported two ‘Ubayyah mares from his grandfathers’ horses: Sahar Ataeq and DB Faimah, both from the *Muhaira tail female.

It is nice to see that least one member of the Saud Royal family obtained horses preserved with us Westerners back their homeland, and is proud to continue the horsebreeding tradition of his family.

7 Responses to “AAS Sawannah, an asil Arabian back to her homeland”

  1. She is an absolute knockout! Strong through the body, substantial legs, lovely set on neck- not too long, close to absolutely level body balance.Yes I wish I owned her.
    Best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  2. that’s great !! to hear that she is back on her homeland she’s a very nice mare. I have her sister aas ghazala and 4 of her offspring. and Bruce , you are right,The dahma horses have a great body. we love them to.

  3. Notice that she comes from the same maternal line, Hadriya, as Dahman Al Bahrain, Haziz and Hulaif.
    What a fine group of horses…

  4. Regina, where are you located?
    Hope I understood you correctly you have a sister of Aas Sawanna is that right, and she has foals too.
    Best Wishes
    Bruce Peek

  5. yes, I’m trying to help that this line will not die out.But I’m still lurning about them. it’s not easy.I love these horses. The first one is 10 jears old.Her first born is 3 years old now and I have started to ride him.the second foal is a 2 jr old mare, She’s very beautyfull.The third one is a yearling colt. he’s a strong boy already. and the next will be born in april.They are all Alkamsa blue stars.You can see the horses on our website http://www.ravenstable.de .We live in Germany. Best reagards Regina

  6. Sawannah was my husband’s mare for years. We miss her terribly and hope she is happy and treated like the treasure she is. I wish we could have kept her but we felt a responsibility to continue the bloodline. We will never forget her.

  7. Sawannah was owned by my husband for years. She was a successful endurance horse and we miss her terribly. We sold her because we felt a responsibility to keep the strain alive and at the time could not afford to breed her. We hope she is well cared for and being treated like the treasure she is. We will never forget her.

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