Abu al-Tayyeb, Kuhaylan Krush stallion with the Syrian Government in 1958

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on June 26th, 2012 in Syria

Abu al-Tayyeb is another one of these early Government Stud stallions in Syria, as was Sultan. That photo was also taken in 1958. He was reportedly a son of Krush Halba, the Kuhaylan  Krush stallion from Lebanon that was sold to Turkey where he became a founding sire for the Turkish Arabian horse program. His dam was a Kuhaylat al-Krush from the Hama area in central Syria, and tracing to the Anazah Bedouins. His line is likely to be related to that of the Davenport imported mare *Werdi.



5 Responses to “Abu al-Tayyeb, Kuhaylan Krush stallion with the Syrian Government in 1958”

  1. What a nice horse. What is the forecast for the horses of Syria?

  2. Tim, things look okay in Aleppo where 25% of the horses are. Very bad in Homs and Hama (10% of the horses), and Deraa (another 5%), so far so good in the Jezirah (where most of the Bedouins are, and another 10-15% of the horses), and mixed in Damascus where 50-55% of the horses are concentrated in farms around the city.

  3. He was a Son of Baba Kurush? I mean He was also called Krush Halba isnt It?

  4. yes.

  5. WOW he was so handsome…Amazing!
    And Pure in Strain Kursh…cool…

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