Bahraini stallions outside Bahrain

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on April 20th, 2009 in Bahrain, Bahrain, Lebanon, USA

In 2000, while I was still living in Lebanon, I recall taking a trip to the area of Byblos, north of the capital Beirut, with my father, General Salim al-Dahdah, to see two young stallions that had recently been imported from Bahrain to Lebanon. The stallions were a gift from HH Shaykh Muhammad ibn Salman Aal Khalifah to a Lebanese engineer by the name of Riad Az’our. There was a bay and a grey; and one was a Rabdan and the other a Hamdani. They both were quite tall, and stood high on the ground. I also recall their highly expandable nostrils as they moveed, and their high tail carriage. I am sorry I don’t have pictures at the present time. I don’t know whether they are still alive, and still in Lebanon. If so, then someone should use them.

HH Shaykh Muhammad ibn Salman Aal Khalifah is the same person who provided Jenny Lees of Pearl Island with some of her Bahraini stallions and mares. He is also the same person who gave Bill Biel in Michigan his stallion Mlolshaan Hager Solomon (Rabdan Al-Wasmy x Mlolesh Asila) in 1988. The stud of Shaykh Muhammad has a new webiste, which is currently under construction. Check it out soon, and meanwhile read the page on Shaykh Muhammad’s horses on Jenny Lees’ Pearl Island website.

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  1. There was MLOLSHAAN MUTAB M246 South African import at the Saruk Stud and Also Tuwaisaan 406. Historic – Tuwaisan (alias Tuwaisaan)import to Sahiby Stud in RSA

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