Dandashi photos 1

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on March 2nd, 2015 in General

Mukarram al-Dandashi, grandson of Abd al-Karim Osman al-Dandashi, one of most prominent leaders of the Dandashi clan of Tell Kalakh — the breeders of the best horses in Syria and Lebanon historically — sent a number of historical photos of his family on horses, which I will publish in his name. A whole book could be written about the Dandashis and Arabian horses. Barazi barely scratched the surface in his book.


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  1. Superbe, beaucoup de points de force et la classe. Il ressemble beaucoup à l’étalon gris des Dandashi sur votre blog en 1958. Il était monté par un cavalier agé.

  2. Do the Dandashi bloodlines live on in the 21st century ?

  3. First, in Lebanon, and there were some in Syria before the war. Not sure if any are left. In the USA and UK, too, where a mare, *Noura was sent by King Ibn Saud, and bred TO a Saqlawi Jadran which the Dandashis had presented to the Governor of Syria General Gourad in the 1920s. She got a daughter which was the dam of countless champions in the USA. Also, many Dandashi horses went to the USA as part of the W.R. Hearst importation. Also, most famously, the head stallion at Babolna in Hungary in the early XXth century, O’bajan (by a Obayan out of Manaqiyah, bot from the Dandashis). Not sure if an Asil line was left. And lots of horses from the Dandashis went to Tunisia and Algeria, imported by the French. E.g., the stallion Telkelakh, which went to Algeria in the mission of General Detroyat in 1924.. And, and, etc.

  4. FYI, there are four different O’Bajan daughters in the pedigree of 3 Siglavy Bagdady VI.

  5. This is where we need at least three of you, Edouard! I want to read more about this family, and others of such importance to the Arabian horse.

  6. Hi Edouard. It seems that you have managed to establish a good link
    With our family through cousin Mukarram. I am glad that things are
    progressing and getting photos and commentaries. Mukarram, keep the photos coming. Best wishes to all. Daigham

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