New old Doha

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on June 8th, 2015 in General

I am in Doha, Qatar for two days. I just came back from a visit to the brand new “old suq” of Suq Waqif. It’s an anthropological experience of the first order, in how a country can and did re-imagine and reinvent its past, or rather bits and pieces of the past of many neighboring countries, re-package it, and present it to the world as its own — with success. I could not distinguish what was specifically Qatari, if anything, but then again the Arabian Gulf culture is a largely supra-national culture. The architecture is a mix of Oman’s and Bahrain’s, the Bedouin-pattern textiles are Syrian imports, the metal lamps are Egyptian, the glass patterns in the walls are Yemeni. The tricks works, up to a point, even for the trained eye. Just imagine the effect on the random tourist.


2 Responses to “New old Doha”

  1. If you visit Doha again please let me know. Would really like to get to know you and hear your stories on Arabian horses!

  2. It will be with pleasure. Happy Eid to you and yours.

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