Domow as an *Astraled daughter

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on August 14th, 2015 in General

I was thinking this morning, after re-reading this entry here; the shape of Domow’s head as seen in these early twentieth century pictures provides an additional argument for her being by *Astraled (Mesaoud x Queen of Sheba), who had a large, long and rather plain head, instead of Abu Zeyd (Mesaoud x Rose Diamond) who had a much shorter head and a finer muzzle.


*Abu Zeyd

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  1. I have seen their respective skulls, at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. The skulls are more different that these photographs show. I cannot send you the images, because they are all rights reserved by the Museum, but they are amazingly different.

  2. Family resemblances are tricky things to rely on, though. I have said this many times, but for decades I KNEW Domow had to be an *Abu Zeyd daughter, because I could see his influence so clearly in her descendants. Apparently what I was seeing was a sort of parallel evolution that had come in through Hanad and Antez.

  3. I realize what I am saying is simplistic, but I can see Queen of Sheba in Domow’s face more than I can see the Rodania’s and especially the Rose of Jericho line. There is something in the way Domow’s muzzle is shaped that is reminiscent of Queen of Sheba.

  4. The Astraled picture shows a very nice moving horse! Also I think I like his neck a little better to. My opinion may be influenced by the pictures I’ve seen of Abu Zeyd when he was overweight. He did look positively fat when getting too many groceries.
    best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  5. P.S. Was Astraled considered the better mover? He was out of Queen of Sheba who reportedly was no slouch in the movement department.
    best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  6. Abu Zeyd must have been one fabulous stallion, there are some very impressive pictures around on the internet (considering the poor quality of most photographs in his days)

  7. Thank you Edouard for posting these pictures, I must say the Berlin Coos County Historical Society here in Berlin(Maynesboro)NH, has done a fine job in preserving not only; the original Brown barns (their is only 1 other in the country) but, many rare photos have been placed on the walls reflecting many of this Astraled-Abu Zeyd line. It is too, nice to have Mr. Brown’s son still with us- who remembers a lot and has brought forth additional information as well.

  8. I can’t recall anything in the record comparing the movement of the two stallions, *Astraled and *Abu Zeyd. WS Blunt is on record admiring *Astraled’s “action and quality and colour,” and yes he was out of Queen of Sheba, a mare noted for possessing and passing on good movement. But *Abu Zeyd was out of an Azrek daughter, and Lady Anne Blunt described Azrek as having “unrivalled trotting action.”

  9. R. J., was that the Berk connection then? As I understand it Berk is thought of as a progenitor of fine movement.
    best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  10. In Berk the movement comes from his maternal grandsire Ahmar (Azrek x Queen of Sheba). Both Ahmar’s parents had superlative movement.

  11. Yes, that’s right about *Berk. Lady Anne wrote in her journal when she saw him longed as a yearling, “the sight of all was Berk longed, as his action is magnificent—he was a perfect picture in motion and recalled Queen of Sheba, Azrek, and Ahmar (this last his grandsire)”

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