By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on December 11th, 2012 in General

Jose Manuel from Spain sent me this nice note: “I am a follower of your blog and I would like to tell you thanks so much for your wisdom about the arabian horse and the Bedouins because they go together. following your suggestions I saw the stallion Najm Yarob in abrash krush stud  near Madrid( if you want you have photos of him in the stud website) and I  bought him to breed to my Egyptian mares. Please continue writing; you are helping many asil arabian horses (for exemple, najm yarob). I THINK IF YOU SEE THIS HORSE YOU WOULD LIKE HIM. YOURS SINCERELY.”

I want to tell him: your courage (yes, this requires courage) encourages me.

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  1. Wonderful! Congratulations on acquiring Najm Yarob. And yes, we would love to see photos.

  2. Félicitations! moi aussi,j’aimerai avoir des photos.

  3. Edouard wrote about his handsome stallion back in 2009 which also includes a picture:


    Congratulations on your purchase!

  4. Congratulations for your acquisition and your initiative of breeding!

  5. Thanks for reminding us of that link. A very handsome horse indeed! Congratulations to Jose Manuel!

  6. You got yourself a good stallion. It is easy to find pretty stallions.
    However there are not many stallions like Najm Yarob that are powerful, muscular, strong short back, lovely head and excellent legs.

    Best of luck.

  7. The Abrash Krush website has many photos of this superior stallion. I hadn’t looked at his page since Edouard’s 2009 post, but wow! Najm Yarob has gotten even better as he has matured.

  8. Thanks a lot. Courage give us freedom, this horse make me feel free.

  9. What strikes me in particular is how much he resembles the type of the typical Spanish Arabian. If you look at the body shots and know the picture is taken in Spain, I would almost immediately think probably “pure spanish” with a dash of Estopa or Camargue Diego Mendez style.

    I remember an article of the late Major Maxwell explaining how each country Arabian horse breeding country influenced the type (England, France, Poland, Russia, Spain, …) according to their native breeds and he compared the Spanish Arabian with heavier neck and short backs with the PRE (Andalucian) but in fact, the Spanish appear perhaps to have maintained the desert type of their original imports (the current Spanish stock traces to a number of Polish, Crabbet and Ayerza blood but above all to a large number of desert import).

  10. Te felicito Jose Manuel, ojala te vaya muy bien con tu emprendimiento y valentía…. vale la pena cuidar los árabes puros del desierto.

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