Extension of Bahraini pedigrees online

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on June 25th, 2017 in General

I extended the pedigree of some foundation horses of the Bahrain royal studs by a few generations drawing on information from Vol. 1 and 2 of the studbooks, and other sources (like the pedigree of South Africa’s Tuwaisan). You can see it on allbreepedigree here.

The only Bahraini sire line now extends beyond the Shawaf stallion “Felhaan Alshawaf” to his sire “Dhahmaan Aloud” (al-Oud meaning “the ancient”), which must have been active towards the end of the XIXth century.

Other than being the sire of “Old Jellabi Speckled”, a.k.a. Jellaby Almarshoosh Alawal, b. 1914, “Felhaan Alshawaf” now appears as the sire of  the Jellabieh that is the maternal granddam of the three foundation Jellabi brothers (Jellaby Alwasmiya, Jellaby Sakhir, and Jellaby Najib).  In turn, “Old Jellabi Speckled” is the sire of “Wathnan Bay” a.k.a. “Wadhnaan” (photo below).

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  1. Interesting. Jellaby Alwasmiya is the maternal grandsire of Mlolesh Asila M105, the dam of Mlolshaan Hager Solomon, the Bahraini stallion imported to the US by Bill Biel.

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