Hamdani Ra´an at Royal Stud, Bahrain

By Matthias Oster

Posted on March 2nd, 2017 in Bahrain, Bahrain

Hamdany Ra´an 1294, bay stallion, born 2002, by Jellaby Hataan 945 out of Hamdanieh Khaznah 914, one of my favourite stallions in Bahrain

5 Responses to “Hamdani Ra´an at Royal Stud, Bahrain”

  1. What a powerful,dynamic stallion!
    ..and what a pity that I can not send him my asil Hamdaniyat mares (of the strain of Abbas Pasha)


  2. Kira’ly You are so right! Given the escpecially good confirmation and movement patterns of the Bahrainy horses and their consequent potential to widen the genetic base of general list horses maybe we could try contacting the Bahrainy government to see if they would consider making frozen semen available for international shipment.
    Bruce Peek

  3. Bruce, I do not know how much chance there is that, but it would be nice.
    If I look at the photos, I remember always what I read in the fantastic Artikel (The Arabian Horse News,1972) of Dr.Valerie Noli-Marais about the horses of Bahrain:

    ..”When a Bahrain Arabian horse is taken off its hobbles and proudly bursts into motion, with mane flying, dark kohlringed eyes flashing, tail straight up like a banner and arching his long neck, it is a sight to bring tears to the eyes of any horselover – for truly it is he – the real
    Drinker of the Wind…

    Best wishes,

  4. That sounds like and excellent idea Bruce!
    Would LOVE to ride that horse!!

  5. Wow wow wow can it get better than that?

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