Hurrah for Edouard’s Mare

By Joe Ferriss

Posted on April 4th, 2008 in General

I am so pleased to see that Edouard’s mare Wysteria is in foal to the stallion Javera Thadrian, 1982 grey (Thane x HB Diandra). He is another of those classical “19th century engraving” horses with very fine skin and very expressive eyes. Photos do not hardly capture the impression he leaves in person but I offer here a photo that I happened to snap of him being ridden in a costume exhibition at Alice Martin’s StarWest during an Al Khamsa convention. As you can see he truly is a classic.


2 Responses to “Hurrah for Edouard’s Mare”

  1. Joe, thanks for posting this great picture of a great horse. I have never seen a picture of Javera Thadrian that looks like another.

  2. He looks like Portico in this photo. I am awed by the beauty of many horses shown on this site, but the Davenports have my heart and eye.

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