Hussam al-Shamal, asil Kuhaylan al-Nawwaq stallion from Syria now in France

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on April 29th, 2011 in France, Syria

Adrien Deblaise also sent me this recent photo of another Syrian stallion now in France, Hussam al-Shamal (Ra’ad x Rouba al-Shamal by Al-Abjar), a Kuhaylan al-Nawwaq bred by Saed and Raed Yakan in al-Bab near Aleppo, Syria. Hussam is owned by Damacus breeder Naji al-Chaoui, who has him stationed in France with Arnault Decroix.

Adrien has a very nice filly from Hussam that will be featured here next, out a mare from an old asil Algerian line.

4 Responses to “Hussam al-Shamal, asil Kuhaylan al-Nawwaq stallion from Syria now in France”

  1. Hussamal-Shamal certainly looks substantial and strongly structured. Of course he could use some more groceries, and some under saddle conditioning in French Dressage. But you can easily see how short and strong his coupling- lumber spine is. Something we need to preserve.
    Best Wishes
    Bruce Peek

  2. Hussam Al-Shamal was supposed to start in endurance last year or year before. What were his results meanwhile?

  3. Hello Patrick and every body, Hussam was not in France in 2009 and last year he was adjusting his new life to Normandy which is quite different. last saturday he started in endurance and he get the best timing in good condition. On Sunday the winner of the 90 kms was a son of Mokhtar!…

  4. Arnault, can you tell us more about this endurance race? French is ok, and I could publish it here.

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