Mahboub Halab, Shuwayman stallion from Syria, now in France

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on June 16th, 2011 in France, Syria

Catherine Wocjik of France just sent me these recent photos of the 2005 young asil Shuwayman Sabbah stallion Mahboub Halab, bred in Syria by Radwan Shabareq, and now in France with Jean-Claude Rajot, who is the man on his back.

By the way, this stallion will be the subject of my upcoming talk at the next Al Khamsa Convention in Pennsylvania: “A closer look at a modern Syrian Arabian horse pedigree: the case of Mahboob Halab”. Photos of his first foal crop coming soon..

8 Responses to “Mahboub Halab, Shuwayman stallion from Syria, now in France”

  1. What a very handsome stallion!

  2. They both look like they are having fun! 🙂
    He looks loke the sort of horse I like.. one that you just want to swing onto and ride away 🙂

  3. My wife rode him the previous summer and we all went on a gallop ride, and what a thrill it was!

  4. I love this horse…

  5. This lovely stallion reminds me of Audobon.

  6. Je suis pressée de voir le ventre de Safiyah et Rayda s’arrondir des oeuvres de Mahboub, mais bon encore 2 ans avant de voir le résultat^^

  7. are there any photos of the mare Rafeeket Al Darb, 2007, by Za’roor Al Barary out of Sedeeqaha?

  8. not very good ones brigitte which i will try to dig out for you

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