*Mounwer, an asil stallion from Lebanon, imported to the USA in 1947

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on July 14th, 2009 in Lebanon, USA

Comming on a recent post, RJ Cadranell mentioned the CMK Record, a publication that replaced the Arabian Visions Magazine.

Below, a scanned article of the CMK Record, Fall 1988 issue, courtesy of Micheal Bowling, where he discusses the 1942 asil stallion *Mounwer, imported to the USA by W. R. Hearst in 1947. *Mounwer was a Shuayman Sabbah by strain, and was bred by the Khamis family of Rayaq, Lebanon, by Kayane out of Bint al-Berdowni. Check out my entry on Kayane here.

*Mounwer is the paternal half-brother of the mare *Layya, also bred by the Khamis family and imported by Hearst. While *Layya has left (too few) asil descendants, and was accepted by Al Khamsa in 2002, the blood of *Mounwer is now completely lost to asil breeding. (If you have a PC, right-click on your mouse, and download Michael’s article to be able to read it without damaging your eyes. If you have a Mac, I don’t know what to tell you…)

 An article on Mounwer in the CMK Record

And that’s a photo of *Mounwer, who really looked like he was a lovely horse. More on some of his ancestors later.

Mounwer, an asil Shueyman Sabbah from Lebanon, imported to the USA in 1947

6 Responses to “*Mounwer, an asil stallion from Lebanon, imported to the USA in 1947”

  1. Thanks Edouard for posting this. When we were first looking for mares, we almost bought a mare in 1972 who was a Mounwer granddaughter named Mounri Mounaree. I was interested in her because of the close desert breeding and also because of some other Davenport lines. I was still new to Arabians but was very impacted by the Davenport story. She was a nice grey mare owned by a breeder nearby, Dr. John Tarr. We passed on it though because we were still doing a lot of looking and a few years later bought the mare Sirbana (Sirecho x Habbana by Ibn Fadl). When I first got my Blue Catalog in 1974 I was surprised to see that the Hearst horses were not in it. I had a lot to learn though, and many miles to go…

  2. Same for a Mac, Edouard: right click and choose the option!

  3. What a beautiful stallion! So sad that he was lost to asil breeding.

    I would love to see that picture of Gazelle…

  4. Isn’t he gorgeous? I can’t believe there were people who were insinuating that the Hearst imports were not true Arabians..

  5. The picture quality is not very good, but still he looks nice. I really like the Shuayman Sabbah strain from what I have seen on your blog.
    The mare Shams al-ghurub is another fine example.

  6. I do hope you find out more of the background. Never say never!

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