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  1. — Kuhaylan Harqan is Kuhaylan al-Ruwayl, an old strain from the Sharif(s) of Mecca then Qahtan I think (Ibn Qarmalah?). Dozens of pages on K. Harqan in the Abbas Pasha Manuscript. It would be great if there still were some horses from this strain today.

  2. — Ought to write a piece about the pre-Islamic Arabian god Ya’sub — he was represented by a horse. Ibn al-Kalbi’s “Book of Idols” has more.

  3. — I think I am going to propose the mare *Lebnaniah for inclusion in the Al Khamsa roster.

  4. Abu Arqub is a branch of Kuhaylan, see the reference in the Abbas Pasha Manuscript. Raswan was mistaken when he put it as a separate strain in his Index.

  5. Shamma El Azjaa, 1974, one of the last lines to *Urfah.

    Some aged mares probably left, but with lots of Egyptian blood.

  6. Radara, 1964, by Janar (Jadib x Im Gulnar) out of Radriska. Janar = 100% Doyle breeding.

    Radriska by El Drisakab, who was by El Ekaab (Ribal x Fernada by Hanad out of *Ferdisia by Rafeef out of Ferda) out of Drissula (the one and only). El Ekaab = Blunt + Hanad; Drissula = Huntington + Davenport + Egypt.

    Radriska out of Radonna, who was by Raddan (Faddan x Baribeh) out of Hamouta (Borkaan x Yakouta) . Raddan = Babson + Blunt

    Hamouta by Borkaan (Ribal x Babe Azab) out of Yakouta; Yakouta = Old Blunt, Ferida dam line.

  7. So only Hanad and Babe Azab are Davenport, the rest is Blunt, and Sirrulla.

  8. Al-Zu’bi, who was Hazaim’s father’s maternal uncle in Kafr Aaya near Baba ‘Amr in Homs had a Kuhaylah Khdliyah mare daughter of the asil stallion Tabib, in the late 1970s.

    Also, it is said that the Husayni family of Homs had Kuhaylan Khdili horses.

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