Nabeh, desert-bred Ubayyan al-Suyayfi stallion, Saudi Arabia

By Matthias Oster

Posted on February 11th, 2011 in Arabia, Saudi

This stallion was the favorite of my wife Gabriele and I during our visit at the Najd Stud near Al-Kharj in Saudi Arabia: Nabeh, a fleebitten grey stallion 8 years by Haleem (already featured on this blog earlier), from the Ubayyan al-Sufayfi.

Nabeh was the most beautiful desert-bred we saw on our trip, with small and tippy ears, a pretty face and also special action. He had less cadence and a longer stride trotting. By the way all the stallions at the Najd Stud are ridden daily. They looked like they could make perfect dressage horses.

Of the 300 asil horses in that private stud, about 20 were from the Kuhaylan Krush strain, 20 of the Hamdani Simri strain, 5 of the Suwayti al-Firm strain, 4 of the Kuhaylan al-Musinn strain, 4 of the Shuhayb strain and all the rest of the Ubayyan al-Suyayfi strain.

7 Responses to “Nabeh, desert-bred Ubayyan al-Suyayfi stallion, Saudi Arabia”

  1. How lovely!! Thank you so much for posting these.

  2. Matthias, what sizes were the horses from Najd stud? Average below 150 cm or would you estimate the average well above 150 cm?

  3. Hello Patrick,
    their average was 150 to 155 cm for stallions as estimate. Mares less.

  4. I’m in Jeanne’s camp. A very very lovely horse. It is so nice to see Arabian horses in a more realistic and natural setting. It is obvious why the travelers in the long ago and far away, were enamored with these animals and wanted to take them home.

  5. Wow nice horse.
    Can you say more info about him?

  6. Holy Smoke! What a nice horse. I have never seen such a large windpipe. Wow, now I must say it backwards Wow.

  7. I do not have more info on Nabeh. His father Haleem is inbred to Al Harqan (a stallion from the Harb owned by king Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud, featured here before) six times. I know nothing about his mother except the strain. Maybe Pure Man can help?

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