Nawwakiat Akkar, yet another Achhal daughter from Lebanon

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on December 28th, 2017 in Lebanon

This is Nawakiat ‘Akkar, a Kuhaylah Nawwaqiyah, and yet another Achhal daughter, born in 1976. She was the most valuable mare my father owned, and had established a dynasty of (part-bred) race winners of her own. She was a gift from Henri Pharaon at three years old, and was sold in 1992 to Henri’s cousin, Pierre Pharaon, along with Zenobia and a third mare (part-bred).

This was when my father was transitioning to “purebred Arab” horses of international lines, which he then felt were equally “asil”, and had just acquired two mares of predominantly Crabbet lines from Jordan, Ziba (Dancing Magic x Shazla) and Shela (El Batal x Siva).



3 Responses to “Nawwakiat Akkar, yet another Achhal daughter from Lebanon”

  1. That Kuhaylan al-Nawwaq strain was a Dandashi strain, from Dabbah Agha al-Dandashi.

  2. Dear Edouard how are you .Thank you for this precious picture and precious mare.
    She is very similar to the Syrian nawwak strain

  3. Yes, same mtDNA as the Naqashbandi lines: number A25.

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