Photo of the day: Nasman, asil stallion of the Nasman strain from Iran

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on May 7th, 2011 in General, Iran

Reader Amirhosein Ghasemi from Iran is the administrator of the online Persian Horse Forum, and a breeder of asil Araiban horses, and turkmen and Kurdish horses too. He sent me these breathtaking photos of one of his asil stallions, Nasman. I am completely taken with this horse.

His strain, also Nasman, is now only found in Iran, and traces back to the old Arab tribe of Bani Lam (so do the Hadban, Shuwayman and Wadnan strains).

15 Responses to “Photo of the day: Nasman, asil stallion of the Nasman strain from Iran”

  1. Dear Amirhosein,
    can you send us more pictures about this fantastic horse?
    How old is he?
    Please tell more about this strain.Is this a kuhaylan too?
    I hope,you can tell us news of the asil iranians.

    Best wishes,

  2. hello.
    he is 23 years old. i will send more pictures to admin.
    nasman is under kuhailan, and from this dtrain only this stallion is alive now.
    i have more stallion and mares too.
    he is haddad son.

  3. so no more Kuhaylan Nasman mares?

  4. mr Edouard please add a setion for iran on category, i have so many to share !

  5. good idea!

  6. mr Edouard please add photos of dowran1
    wadnan khersan strain

  7. I saw a chestnut stallion in the march 2002 issue of the Arabian Horse World magazin, on the 339th side, called Nesman.
    Nasman or Nesman ? Is this the same horse?

  8. no, not the same, this is nasman bani lam strain
    but the strain are same, that stallion called alshoja.
    6 years younger

  9. as i know, yes
    maybe some day i find one, the problem is that they are old.
    for example safirieh bani khaled strain is all finished 🙁

  10. This horses of the Bani Lam and Bani Khaled are registrated?

  11. ofcourse registered. on waho
    we have studbook and dna test

  12. al-shoja was a hamdani,isn’t it? Perhaps was another horse with the same name?

  13. hi all ! i have one of the pretty nasman mare too .

  14. al-shoja is hamdani . yes mr laszlo

  15. yes .luxor is one of the best nasban mare that i see now !its for all iranians

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