Respect and admiration

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on April 7th, 2017 in General

A Syrian friend of mine is doing painstaking, courageous and tireless under-the-radar work tracking the remaining Syrian Arabian horses, identifying them, reconciling their registration markings and imprints with the video or photo evidence, and keeping count of what’s in the hands of thugs and militia groups of all kinds and what remains in their rightful owners’ hands. He operates from a Turkish town near the Syrian border, and spends his days on social media liaising with a broader network of informants in the Jazirah (Upper Mesopotamia part of Syria), the area around Aleppo, and the the Euphrates valley.

Sometimes I am tempted to write about the details of what he does, and how he does it, because I am just so proud of him, but I won’t, for his sake and for the horses’. I will however work so he and his network of friends get the recognition they deserve. If there was a Nobel Peace prize for horses, he’d deserve it.

Many have died from starvation and neglect, some have been killed, but all hope is not lost. Some lines remain, at least for now. Some of those stolen from the farms and the studs and the backyards have survived.

7 Responses to “Respect and admiration”

  1. Thank him a lot, because he is likely one of those who will save the Asil horse for the next generation to come. There is no words enough to describe how grateful I am to hear that some of these horses are still alive.

  2. Very, very welcome news. May he be successful and safe.

  3. Also is there an account of some sort or a fund that you feel would be safe for us to individually make contributions to so his work can be supported?
    Bruce Peek

  4. Right now the effort is not costing anything, but will come a time when these horses will need to fed and rehomed. I will reach out then.

  5. Crowns in heaven are one thing, but he deserves one here!

  6. It is so hard to see the affect war has on humans let alone the animals whom depend on us. Prayers for resolution of this conflict and safety for your rriend. C

  7. if only some kind of mark/branding could be used in hidden places on the horses for later purposes-tatoo inside hind leg? something like that…

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