Salil Ibn Iliad, Kuhaylan al-‘Ajuz stallion in South Carolina

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on July 1st, 2010 in Arabia, USA

This masculine 1991 bay stallion is a son of the timeless LD Rubic (Plantagenet x Tarrla by Tarff), a favorite of mine. His great-great-grand-dam is the desert-bred mare *Nufoud, a Kuhaylat al-‘Ajuz (no marbat recorded) bred by the Saud Royal Studs in Arabia and imported in 1931 to the USA by Albert W. Harris.  Salil is only four generations removed from the bygone era when horses were still used a war machines in the Arabian desert, and that’s as close as one can get to a time capsule today. While I have seen better photos of him, this one shows his excellent shoulder, short back, and well set next.

This is how horses looked like in the Arabian desert. They did not look like these oiled, shampooed, made up china dolll mutant creatures that are hitting the world’s show circuits.  

Salil is owned by Lesley Detweiler of Mountain Spring Farm in Pennsylvania, and is now standing at stud at Pam Baker in South Carolina.

4 Responses to “Salil Ibn Iliad, Kuhaylan al-‘Ajuz stallion in South Carolina”

  1. I hope you send your comments to Pam, she is a wonderful person, and I know she would love to read the words. Atah and Salil were a great match, Atah is one of the finest mares I have ever been with. Her beauty is equal to Moniet of Egypt, Bint Turfara, or Zahlya.
    The young stallion and Atah have close lines to each.

    Then there are the Davenports! Plantagenet! and others
    like Kamal Ibn Salan. Look up Atah and see what Pam did
    all from a phone call many years ago.

    Thanks Pam Baker for the call and the years.

    Jackson hensley – Bedouin Arabians – Taos

  2. oh i do hope they make him available to australia. i’d love to breed a mare to him. granted i have crabbets, but he is very well put together and not flimsy at all!

  3. Edouard… tell us how you really feel “…oiled, shampooed, made up china dolll mutant creatures that are hitting the world’s show circuits.”

    C Grant, you’re welcome to review Talika Farad here in Australia though granted, he’s up to 5 generations removed from a bygone era.

    Salil he looks real nice

  4. yes i’ve heard of talika farad. is he related to salil? or just a similar type?

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