Sa’ud horses in the Inshass stud of Egypt

By Joe Ferriss

Posted on May 3rd, 2009 in General

Shadia I (El Zafir x Shams INS)

Pictured above is Shadia I, 1939 bay mare by El Zafir x Shams INS. Her dam is a granddaughter of El Kahila, the first Saud mare to be given to Inshass from King Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud.

Saudi Arabia has been a source for some horses in the Inshass stud in Egypt. Members of the Saud Royal family had been generous in giving a number of their “asil” horses to the father and son Kings of Egypt, King Fouad and later his son King Farouk. For the most part names of each family member appear in the Inshass Stud book which is not a complete document but does give us some insight into these horses. I have compiled a list here of horses identified as coming from the Sa’ud family to Inshass stud:
1. El Kahila, dark bay mare born 1921 strain: Kuhaylah Krush. Her strain is not listed in the Inshass studbook but her daughter is listed as Kuhaylah Krush.

2. El Obeya Om Geris. Collin Pearson book designates her as a gift from King Aziz Ibn Saoud perhaps in early 1931, arrived with foal by “Koheilan El Azouz. Her strain is Obeya Om Grees [Abayyah Om Jurays], her daughter El Shahbaa, obtained from El Hag Mohamed Ibrahim is sired by “El Hamdani El Nasri” possibly also of Saud origin.

3. El Obeya, gift from Ibn Sa’ud, no further information listed, she is dam of the 1932 grey mare Mahasen by El Deree. [Mahasen’s son was exported to South Africa.

4. Hind 1942 grey mare, sired by Obeyan El Saifi, dam not given but strain is listed as Saqlawi.

5. Nafaa 1941 grey mare sired by Obeyan El Saifi, dam not given but strain is listed as Kohaila

6. Durra 1943 chestnut mare sired by Obeyan El Saifi, dam is Sa’adaa El Debdab, strain not listed

7. Rezkia 1943 bay mare sire is El Sabili [a Muniqi Sbaili?] listed as stallion from Ibn Meheid, dam is not given but strain is Obeya El Mosi.

8. Mabrouka 1930 bay mare, sire and dam not listed but strain is listed as Saqlawia

9. El Galabi [El Gallabi] bay stallion, foaling date, sire and dam not listed but strain is listed as Koheilan Jellabi

10. Mabrouk 1943 grey colt, sire is Obeyan El Saifi, dam is Sowaytia Ben Kowyd, strain not listed.

11. Saadaa 1939 chestnut mare, sire is Obeyan, dam is El Kahila [not the 1921 El Kahila] strain is Kahila.

12. El Zarkaa 1935 grey mare, sire and dam and strain not listed. She produced the colt El Hegazi by the stallion El Gallabi mentioned above.

It appears from this list above that some interesting strains have come from Saudi Arabia to the father and son Kings. While some of these are not found in today’s pedigrees a number of these mares are and have established well respected families in Egyptian breeding.

Since Pure Man is from Saudi Arabia I thought he would like to see the list of these horses designated as coming from the Saud Royal Family. Some of these are clearly gifts so I presume it would be important that they be most “asil” so as not to reflect negatively on the Saud Royal family. Perhaps Pure Man can also extend further information on some of these listed above if he knows.

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  1. Thanks Joe, how interesting. So there were four gifts by the stallion Ubayyan al-Suyayfi..

    Number 10 is Suwayti by strain, and Number 6 is most likely Saadan (Tuqan or otherwise).

    Are number 2 and number 7 also listed as from Ibn Saud?

  2. These are gifts from Bedouin to King Abdulaziz and he Know About horses
    And a weak strain he Gives Any one

    Because All Sheikhs Horses Come to him from Everywhere

    there were four gifts by the stallion Ubayyan al-Suyayfi.. ??Not any colt Make it stallion Only Pure strain and Must Known to all people thes strain is Pure
    and not The owner Only And not depending on the Beliefs The owner

  3. Edouard, number 2, El Obeya Om Geris, is the dam of El Shahbaa the root mare of the Hafiza and Hanan Abayyan Om Jurays line in Egyptian breeding. She is not a separate entry in the Inshass Stud book but Colin Pearson cites that she was from King Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud. El Shahbaa is listed as being purchased from El Hag Mohamed Ibrahim (Cairo) in the Inshass stud book. Her sire is El Hamdani El Nasri, and her first foal is by Koheilan El Ajouz. Perhaps he assumed that Inshass bought El Shahbaa in 1931 along with her dam because the following year there is an entry for a female named Mahasen who is by El Deree out of El Obeya (gift from Ibn Sa’ud). Perhaps El Obeya Om Geris was first a gift to El Hag Mohamed Ibrahim? I am not sure the source of Colin Pearson’s info but since his research gives her the Sa’ud designation I included her in this list. Number 7, Rezkia is clearly listed as a “gift from Ibn El Saud of Arabia as Sa’udyah” in the Inshass Stud book. This is the same attribution for the mares Nafaa, Durra and Mabrouka given on the same date.

    Pure Man, yes there were four gifts by the stallion Obayan El Saifi. Also Number 10, Mabrouk in the list is listed as a colt but really he was two years old at the time of the gift. He was given at the same date as Durra, Rezkia and Mabrouka. It is not clear to me what you are saying about the gifts. Are you saying that the King Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia is giving a weak strain to the King of Egypt? Can you elaborate as to why this would happen? Thanks.

  4. Joe, can you check if No. 10 is Sowaitiayt Ben Kowyd or Ben Kowayel? I think the Inshass Book and Pearson spell it differently.. but not sure.

  5. Ben Kowyd Sheikh of Dosari Tribe
    a famous horse owner

  6. Some gifts from najd horses it is Pure

    Some from Originally Iraq like Sa’adaa El Debdab

  7. a famous horses Ben Kowyd Sheikh of Dosari Tribe

    Saqlawiyah Ben Kowyd

  8. Are you saying that ?? is giving a weak strain .

    Joe I did not say This and I mean all the Bedouin gift him horses Of all kind strains and he Is not maintained a weak strain .Only Maintain the Pure horses

    King Saud Was Have two places

    on place for Pure Arabian horses asil and Pure stallions

    Another place for Arabian horses thes gifts Bedouin like Managi and any mare Generate a colt There is on butcher for these a colts Only Because they Afraid in the future no mistakes and no One breeding colt

  9. I accept Most the Arabian horses but Some I am not accept like 6.7.12

  10. see the Zahra bedigree of the stallion it was in Saudi Arabia her 3rd dem 8. Mabrouka

  11. Mabrouk is Pure because Recorded Sowaytia Ben Kowyd

    Ben Kowyd They good owners and They Have Pure Arabian horses .Ben Kowyd her horses
    Unregistered in waho and There are many

  12. Joe If you made Law for stallion for breeding

    Not any stallion for breeding Because To maintain asil Horses forever

    Thus Was Bedouin Man doing To maintain the asil Horses for Long Time
    Now the People Flopped and Destroy Pure Blood . the Problem It comes from stallion .

    Thes paper for Abbas Pasha for strains can his stallion breed and strains can not breed her stallion.

  13. Edouard, the dam of Mabrouk, no. 6 on my list in the Inshass stud book as “Sowaytia Ben Kowyd.”

    Pure Man, thank you for your input. I will have more questions for you in the future.

  14. This is very interesting material, and I hope Edouard is able to help us with translations of these Arabic documents. In his spare time, of course! Thank you for the information!

  15. This is indeed very interesting. I will summarize the information from pure man and reproduce it in a separate post, for everyone’s benefit.

  16. Thanks, Edouard, Joe, Pure Man,
    Looking forward to seeing the summary of this information. Also, Edouard, if you could perhaps translate into English some of Pure Man’s comments from his native Arabic. I find it difficult to follow some of his comments. Wish my Arabic was adequate to read and understand the original.

  17. Sa’adaa El Debdab is strain

    or sadan el Debdab or dbani

    Sa’adaa for Female

    sadan for male

  18. the Reasons is Revolutionaries they Hate the King of Egypt and they Destroyed The properties of the King Anything related Even Horses and document

  19. I only know three Sa’dan strains: Sa’d al-Tuqan, Sa’d al-Hassun, and Sa’d al-Nahr. I don’t know Sa’d al-Debdab.. Al-Debdab must be the name of a man..

  20. sadan el Debdab it is Before One Hundred years ago

  21. W.R. Brown in “The Horse of the Desert” lists also Sa’dan Hawb and Sa’dan Tawjan (is Tawjan another spelling for Tuqan?). The Raswan Index has Sa’dan Hirsh and Sa’dan Ibn Shara’i. I don’t remember ever seeing any other references to these strains.

  22. Tawjan is indeed another spelling for Tuqan. Tawjan = Tawgan = Tawqan. The remaining discrepancy is accounted for by vowelling. Never head of any of the others.

  23. al-Debdab is Sheikh from anzeh
    Was in Saudi Arabia Many horses from thes strain (sadan el Debdabani)Before One Hundred years ago

  24. Which Anazah? The reference to Nayif al-Dabdab al-Anazi in the book of Abdallah al-Bassam may be wrong spelling. Maybe it’s al-Daydab.

    BUT, the Mutayr website, has Ibn Dabdab as a Shaykh of the Maqalidah clan (fakhd) of the Al Jublan of Mutayr. And in the Abbas Pasha Manuscript, there are several references to the strain of Sa’dan with the Mutayr tribe. So maybe Sa’dat al-Dabdab is from Mutayr. This is a question for you pure man.

  25. Nayif al-Daydab al-Anazi I know that only

  26. Strange…about Hind (Inshass)
    In the German Studbook is listen:

    Hind 1.8. 1942 by Obeyan Sherrak out of Saqlawiyah Sheifiah

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