Shareefah, Ubayyah Sharrakiyah from the Jabri Stud

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on February 18th, 2011 in Syria

She originally traces to the marbat of Ibn Duwayhiss of the ‘Anazah, and was bred at the Jabri Stud.

8 Responses to “Shareefah, Ubayyah Sharrakiyah from the Jabri Stud”

  1. She reminds me a lot of Marayah! They definitely have the same ears…

  2. who knows maybe there are related. Layya great grand dam was a Ubayyah Sharrakiyah from the Anazah too..

  3. This is another ‘mare of the kings’, is it not?

  4. I would like to see more of this family…

  5. who said this mare traces to the marbat of Ibn Duwayhiss of the ‘Anazah,??

    This mare traces back to Obayah sherakiyah mare from Al Auladat trib.

    Obeya sherakia strian was established in beni-khaled trib

  6. the man who bought her said so (Hammami), the man who later owned her said so (Jabri), and above all, the man who first owned her said so (Shaker al-Sallouh)..

    you are looking at the studbook and reading what’s there (Khairi Ajil al-Dibs, Uqaydat).. and rightly so, because this is the only information available to you right now..

    i asked where that line was before the Aqaydat (because they are not original horse breeders, but rather semi-nomad sheep breeders who later in the XXth century came to own horses from the Bedouin horse/camel breeding tribes), and was told by all three people above that the marbat came from Sba’ah (as is the case of most Ubayyan Sharrak lines in Syria), then went to Ruwalah, then back to Sba’ah (Ibn Duwayhiss), and from there to the Aqayadat sharakah.. there is a more detailed story of the passage from the Sba’ah to the Ruwalah and back, but I dont remember it.

    Also, the testimony of her breeder Khairi Ajil al-Dibs was not available because he had killed someone in the 1980s, and ran away to Iraq.

  7. I mean in my comment what is the relation between aukedat trin and ibn duwayhiss of Anazeh?

  8. Thank you very much Edouard for the great information’s. We in Hama City have a branch of Obaya sharakieh , we purchased one mare from Al Safaf Family and they acquired it from Aneszieh trib arround Hama City in the 1960s

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