Shawaf Baarah at Prince Mohammed Stud, Bahrain

By Matthias Oster

Posted on April 2nd, 2017 in Bahrain

Shawaf Baarah M406, grey stallion, born 2005, by Jellaby Sultan M49 out of Shawafah Reisha M141

3 Responses to “Shawaf Baarah at Prince Mohammed Stud, Bahrain”

  1. Some might fault this horse for having too thick a neck but I like his overall symmetry, very much a “3 circle” horse. He appears, from this angle, to have excellent legs. He head is pleasant with a soft eye, fine muzzle and nice tipped ears.

  2. Well .. yeah.. I see what you’re saying. But if I could have anything I would want this horse to have a less vertical gaskin. He has a thick neck because he has an extremely powerful coupling- lumbo sacral junction. A stifle that was moved a tick more forward would provide more folding bend to the hind leg and result in less shear force traveling up the leg with the impact of each footfall. That would prevent the formation of bog spavins .
    Bruce Peek

  3. Yes, a bit more angle at the gaskin would be ideal and I think, were this photo taken at a right angle to the horse’s wither, you might see that. Also, in 34 years a Arabian ownership, riding and study, I have never seen an Arabian with bog spavin .

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