Superb Regatta CF

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on June 14th, 2012 in General

Like Tripoli (Hanad x Poka), but even finer. Regatta CF (MV Reflection x Frill by Adrian) Photos by owner Cindi Pollman


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  1. Anyone knows where his son Lexington CF is?

  2. Last I heard he went through a rescue when his owner died. I am hoping he is back in Illinois, and need to follow up.

  3. I’d love to see him sire something out of Lycia CF.

  4. My wife and i own Lexington now after my uncle passed away.

  5. Congratulations to you for owning this beautiful and precious horse from old, asil desert-bloodlines from the Arabian desert. Where are you located, and do you have pictures of him to share, which I can publish?

  6. Thank you Mr Edouard.I live near Chicago Illinois.
    I will soon send you some pictures if Lexington CF for you to share with others.Please write me your email.

  7. it is


  8. I am so glad that Lexington is safe with you. He was a special favorite of mine as a youngster. His dam, Anthesis, is a wonderful mare, and the line from her has bred on quality. Is Reagent also safe?

    Our sympathies on the loss of your uncle Fazal. He was a fine man with a dream.

  9. I should also repeat that Regatta himself has always been one of my favorites. There is a line from Lady Anne Blunt in her journal, talking about one of her mares that had and indescribable charm, and Regatta is that category!

  10. Jeanne ,Thank you for your kind words.Uncle Fazal spent the last couple of years in a hospital fighting his stroke before he met his Lord.Indeed he had a vision to preserve the inner as well as the outer beauty of the Arabian Horse.The most important thing he spoke to me about breeding these beautiful creatures is temperament and obedience rather than just looks.
    I was give the choice to Buy 5 of his stallions among the 25 he had and it was love at first sight for my wife.She went to Lexington and he put his head on her shoulder and after a brief moment she looked at me and asked’ Can I have him” ….
    I am sorry I couldn’t save Reagent and the other stallions.They all went to loving homes with the help of AHA after being gelded.In his absence his herd size increased to almost 75 with some of the young colts breed with the mares

  11. Lexington is doing well.He is being exercised and given space to run.which he loves to.He likes jumping over is putting on weight but not there where I want him to be.But In a couple of months he will be an eye candy.He loves taking a shower as long as you feed him his favorite treats.He bred one of our mare this year and was extremely excited .He is very well behaved with a personality of his own and we enjoy him.

  12. Mr Edouard I have emailed you some of his recent pictures

  13. thank you I got them that’s great he is with you..

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