The gorgeous Pulcher

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on March 10th, 2016 in General

I was blown away by Pulcher (a.k.a Anecdote CF, by Triermain CF out of Aniq El Bedu by Iliad), while visiting Jackson Hensley and Alice Martin last weekend.What beauty, what type, what personality, what nobility, what “Arabness”, what “desert appeal” (I am coining the phrase) this horse has! Whew!

Certainly Triermain’s best son.


pulcher again

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  1. These are the first photos of Pulcher that I have seen where one could really tell what he is like. I am impressed with overall balance, depth of hip and heart girth, plus what appear to be, nice legs!

  2. You could easily envision him bred to a highly set necked Morafic/ Monet el Nefous line horse. He would improve their hind end, and they would raise the set of the neck. Its too low in him. Don’t get me wrong you NEVER see the quality of his hind end in todays Arabians, but the tightness of his neck set is a problem.
    best wishes
    Bruce Peek

  3. Carrie, these are the exact same four points (legs, balance, depth of girth and depth of hip) which Radwan, one of the foremost Syrian breeders, noticed and liked about him.

    The ears, the eyes and the nostrils are very special too.

    Bruce, I agree, but it seems to have been a common issue among desert-bred Arabians.

  4. That neck set that you are talking about, Bruce, is quite different when he is not pressed up against a fence looking at three mares just out of frame!

    I also want to say just how much we enjoyed having a visit with Edouard and Radwan, and the hospitality at Desert Bred Arabians of Rodger Davis, Kirby Drennan, Bedouin Arabians of Jackson Hensley and Alice Martin, and folks all along the way who brought horses for us to see, or just to visit and talk horse. It was crazy rushed, but a wonderful, wonderful time!

  5. now that’s what it’s all about, pure natural beauty…………i just love the photos and enjoy them sooo much, refreshing in the days of hype and false glamour in the arabian”industry”.

  6. Thanks Edouard for posting these pictures of one of my all time favorite Arabian stallions. He is all that you describe and more. I saw him in 2012 when I visited with Jackson and Alice.

    Pulcher was even more stunning in person than photos could capture. His movements are so light and elastic that they remind me of the supreme agility of a panther or similar kind of predator. He moved so swiftly in a small space around us that it was an amazing sight. Then he was turned out to the larger field in which he put on a show of speed and nobility and then returned of his own will stopping right in front of us to remind us who he is.

    There was no issue with his neck to me in person, and it is very free and flexible as are all of his parts, so true to the tribal type of horse. In fact in flight, his neck is as much of a powerful tool for movement as are his legs and body. This is especially true if you are not using a modern western culture perspective to evaluate the tribal type. He has a true dry and sinewy look as if he just came from the depths of the desert, not to mention his excellent proportions and quality. It is interesting to note in the second picture above how much in general proportions he reminds me of Bogdan Zietarski’s famous 1931 desert import Kuhaylan Haifi who we all know has a huge impact now on the breed. Both are of the same strain.

    Looking at Pulcher’s pedigree confirms that he is no accident. His lineage is built multiple times upon the great mares Portia and Ceres and their daughters HB Octavian, Iras, Demetria and Oriole. Then look at his dam, Aniq El Bedu who is the result of top crossing Illiad, on Plantagenet, on Monsoon. Anyone who knew those horses in person would quickly realize what an incredible combination of ancestors there are in Pulcher’s pedigree.

    And finally, Pulcher’s eyes are captivatingly large and very expressive. He has a very special kind of nobility and commanding presence that lets one know in no uncertain terms that this is a very, very special soul. These are but a few reasons why Pulcher is one of my all time favorites.

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