The last of the Mohicans

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on May 4th, 2008 in France, Tunisia

Rubi de la Mouline (Ilamane x Hamma by Raoui) is a 1983 Asil Arabian stallion of old Tunisian bloodlines.  His sire Ilamane (David x Berriane) was from the stud of Admiral Anatole Cordonnier in Tunisia.  Ilamane was one of several hugely influential stallions bred by Mr. Cordonnier.  Others include: Esmet Ali (Hazil x Arabelle), the cornerstone of modern Tunisian breeding; David (Hazil x Salome); Aissaoui (Beyrouth x Cherbia); Iricho (David x Chanaan); Irmak (Aissaoui x Leila); Inchallah (Madani x Gafsa); the last three were imported to France, where they contributed to (short-lived) revival of Asil Arabian breeding.

Rubi was imported from Tunisia in utero. Picture taken in 2006.

 Rubi de la Mouline, an Asil Arabian of Tunisian bloodlines

5 Responses to “The last of the Mohicans”

  1. Thanks Edouard for posting the picture of Rubi de la Mouline. His picture reminds me somewhat of an Al Khamsa BLUE STAR chestnut stallion DB SHAHHAT, (Mirath x Malika El Shahhat) who is of straight Saudi breeding. If SHAHHAT is still alive he would be about 24 years old. He was only about 3 years old when I last saw him. A very good horse with lots of nobility and style. Excellent movements.

  2. Rubi de la Mouline was overlooked by breeders until about two years ago. He is now gaining increasing popularity as an endurance horse. His owners pridely tell of the helicopter of the agent of the Sheykh of Dubai landing in their field to buy his offspring for endurance races…

    A horse of excellent movements, as the picture I will post next will show.

  3. Hi Edouard,

    In the early 80s I went riding in a stable close to La Marsa. in Tunisia. I don’t have pictures but remember liking the horses a lot. they were all stallion and we went riding in hills covered with aromatic brushes.

    I wonder if those horses were pure Arabians, or barbs. Do you know of big farm there? I know this is very vague, but may be names would ring a bell.
    The horse was rented for a month by friends.


  4. I don’t know of a big farm in La Marsa. I don’t know whether you have been to Tunisia lately, but the area of La Marsa has changed so much, it is now an upscale residential area.

    The only horses I have seen in Tunisia are those of the government stud at Sidi Thabet.

  5. Hi Edouard,

    I was trying to find out on the map. It could very well be Sidi Thabet. It looks an awful lot like this gallery

    La Soukra sounds familiar too but the satellite map looks nothing like what I remember – which of course was around 81-82…

    It made me google the name of the friend I was renting the horse with. I found him immediately and e-mailed him (haven’t talked to him in 15 y). Let’s hope he remembers, he might even have pictures.


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