Photo and Hujja of the day: Hakayah

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on October 1st, 2008 in Syria

Following the recent entry on the pretty black mare Shams al-Ghurub, and to Joe Ferriss recalling that he saw her dam Hakayah in 1996 in Syria, I am posting a picture of Hakayah that I took back in 1989. Hakayah was then with Ahmad (Abu Tahir) al-Ghalioun, who had leased her from her owner, the Shaykh of the Bedouin tribe of Tai.  I don’t remember anything about the foal at her side.

Here is my partial translation to English of the Arabic hujjah (certificate of authenticity) of Hakayah, skipping the introductory religious blessings:  

“I, shaykh Mohammad al-Abd al-Razzaq al-Ta’i, testify, and my testimony is before God Most High, that the mare whose strain and marbat is Shuwaymat Sabbah and with the following description: [her] color [is] black, her age ten years old

is from our horses, from the horses of the Tai, protected, without any impurities, her sire is the horse of Juhayyim, and he is Krush, and protected; the sire of her dam is the same horse, Krush Juhayyim, he is protected, and is from the horses of the Tai; the sire of her grand-dam is the horse of Juhayyim,  al-Hayfi, and he is protected;

She is well known and bred [by us] one generation after the other, and protected, and upon this we testify before God, and God has custody of what we say.

Shaykh Mohammad al-‘Abd al-Razzaq al-Nayif al-Ta’i, shaykh of the tribes of Tai [seal and signature]


Syria – [province of al-Hasakah] – [distrcit of] al-Qamishli

Endnote: The mare is owned by Shaykh Mohammad al-‘Abd al-Razzaq al-Nayif al-Ta’i.” [end of translation]

By the way, I just added Hakayah’s extended pedigree on Allbreedpedigree: check it out here.

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