Asil Dahman horses in Germany

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on January 31st, 2013 in Bahrain, Saudi, USA

Regina and Warren from Germany wrote the other day to give me an update about their asil Arabians which are from desert bred Saudi and Bahraini lines (no Egyptian blood) by way of the US, and from the rare and precious Dahman Shahwan strain.

Here is the 2009 Dahmah mare AAS Muharraq (AAS Theeb x AAS Ghazala by Ibn Taam-Rud), whose tail female is to *Savannah, a mare bred by Shaykh Salman Ibn Hamad al-Khalifah of Bahrain and imported from Bahrain to the United States of America in 1954 by K.M. Kelly.

Note the striking resemblance with the mare Bahraini Bint El Bahrein of Lady Anne Blunt in Sheykh Obeyd, of same strain, marbat and same provenance (the Royal Stud of Bahrain, we need to run an mtDNA test). Striking, no, even though AAS Muharraq has not one ounce of Bint El Bahrein blood!

This one is Ralihadiyyah, Muharraq’s brother. Note the shoulder.

This one is his brother Gudaibiyah, Muharraq’s other brother.

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  1. The Dahmah are now gone in Bahrain. None at either the Amiri stud of King Hamad (the stud mentioned above as that of his grandfather, Sh. Salman) nor at the farm most will know as that of Sh. Mohammed bin Isa (now deceased and being run by his sons).


  2. c’est une bonne surprise d’en trouver en Allemagne.Je ne savais pas.

  3. I am a big fan of this Dahman line, and I love the horses of Lee Oellerich.

  4. beautifully built horses 🙂

  5. Ralihadiyah is olso the young stallion posted on may 26 2010. and more pictures on thanks Regina

  6. They also have some terrific Hamdani horses, tracing to the wonderful Bint Amiraa.

  7. Anita, don’t they still have and use Dhahmaan stallions in Bahrain (I use their spelling of the strain name)? The 3 original foundation mares of this strain (no substrain given that I am aware of for the first 2 I am about to mention) in Bahrain were the 2 at the Royal Stables, Dhahma’t Almalek, from Saudi Arabia, imported prior to 1940; and Dhahma Alshaghara, dam of among others the important stallion Dhahmaan Alawwal born 1938; and the much later import Dhahma Umm Amer (chestnut 1970, Saudi Arabia, by a Hamdani stallion, bred by Prince Bander bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, imported to Bahrain in 1984, died in 1995) Dam of 1 filly and 4 colts, all for HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Salman Al Khalifa. Is there a more detailed pedigree orm hojjah available for Sawannah (1948) anywhere? One could then work out which of the 2 Dhahma mares of the Royal Stud she perhaps descended from? Has anyone asked Danah Al Khalifa if she has any more information? Just a thought.

  8. Danah Al Khalifa already weighed in on her knowledge of this line in 1975. It is a hand written letter, with a picture of the mare *SAWANNAH at the top with the official seal overlapping the picture and the letter.

    The letter says:

    The mare ‘Sawannah’ pictured above, was identified by Fatis, the old studmaster of H.H. Sheikh Isa bin Sulman Al Khalifa, as a Dahmah belonging to Sheikh Khalifa bin Mohammed (Chief of ?Princes ).

    The letter continues: Dahmah was bred by Sheikh Sulman, Ruler of Bahrain at the time, out of one of his mares of the Dahmah strain and sired by one of his stud stallions serving at the time.

    Bahrain, Sep. 26 1975

    Danah AL Khalifa

    Additionally, we could have more information from our friend, geneticist Gus Cothran, who has the MtDNA of the Dahmah Sawannah line, as descended in the US from *SAWANNAH with us at Antique Arabians. BUT, we would need to supply him with follicles of the tail female of the two lines as documented to compare them to…


  9. There is a good discussion of this here back in 2009:

    with RJ Cadranell, Obeyd al-Otaibi (under Pure Man), Jehangir Rustomjee (manager of the royal stud of Bahrain) and Edie participating.

  10. Also here

  11. Oh good. I thought we had a good discussion previously but had not found it. Obviously, this time when i looked at the Danah al Khalifa letter, I incorrectly transcribed Princes instead of ‘Police’.

  12. The results of the DNA by Dr Cothran will give more clearness about this Dhamah Sawannah line.

  13. I am wondering it a link will be found between Sawannah and the Dahmah’s pictured in Danah Al Khalifa’s original book, Living Treasures of Bahrain, since at that time only about 20 years separate Sawannah’s date of birth from when the horses were photographed for the printing of that book.

  14. If I could get hair samples of progeny of the other Dahmah, the ones in Danah Al Khalifa’s book, the two lines mentioned above (Bahraini), I am sure we could shed some light on it. Anyone have a suggestion on how to do that, or are there any volunteers to help me get them?

  15. As Jehangir said in the 2009 discussion (with deepest sadness, I can tell you), all the female lines from the various sources described previously are extinct. I am currently traveling, but when I’m home I will look for the current Dhahman stallions .

  16. Kina,
    The mare imported from Saudi that you mentioned as the most recent import, Dhahma Umm Amer, has three sons that have been used at Sh. Mohammed’s stud: Dhahman AlAshgar (he has many foals), Dhahman Faraj, and Dhahman Shaban (not sure if the latter is still alive). There are two Dhahman stallions that have been used recently at the Royal stud, both sons of Dhahma Umm Wajnah, who traces back to Dhahma Al Shaghara (or Dhahma El Shagara; the Dhahma BHR527) coming through Dhahma AlHamra 23 (1965). There are no producing mares and no fillies in Bahrain from either line. There is nothing at all left from Dhahma AlMalek (BHR526) as her only producing grand-get was the 1961 stallion Dhahmaan Alrafah Althaalith.

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