Doum, another Mauvy stallion

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on December 28th, 2008 in France

A recent entry featured the beautiful Mauvy stallion Moulouki. Here is a picture I took in 1995 of his son Doum (x Shawania) who like his sire before him, stood at stud at Pierre-Henri Beillard’s Le Sureau (South western France), which is now being dispersed. [Update Jan. 5th, 2009: Doum was also bred by Mauvy]

6 Responses to “Doum, another Mauvy stallion”

  1. My advice How to choose the stallion

    not like stallion

    This stallion like the Female

  2. He is not very masculine I agree.. His father was more masculine than he was. But they don’t have many pure (asil) stallions in France anyway, and there is not a lot to choose from.

  3. Hi all .,.

    That’s really interest things about ( Stallions ) & Pure Arabian Horses.

    If anyone interest to know anything about “Pure Stallions” just let me know.

    We have about 186 ( Pure Arabian Horses ) we own about 70% Blood Generations for more then 2000 years.
    our fathers hove them for ages, no one in the Old Arab Brave knights NEVER sale their HORSES at that time.
    If doing so ,, then he loss his Honor and Dignity.

    and by that roles they keep there horses for Ages and they know where each of REAL & PURE ARABIAN HORSES comes from and all Successive generations.

    i will try to add some Photos if the Admenestrator will let me.

    Kindest Regards

  4. Ahlan Faleh, if you have pictures and pedigrees then you can send them to me:

    I am Edouard Al-Dahdah, the site’s administrator.

  5. yuor stallion is Obeian

    shuwayman sabbah Part From Al Obayya

    See The body such as body Obeian

  6. Obayya is the Mother of shuwayman – shuwaymah

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