No, some otherwise Al Khamsa-eligible *Nureddin II progeny

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on December 3rd, 2010 in General

Recently, I was looking at the list of horses with a line or more to the 1911 Crabbet stallion Nureddin II (Rijm x Narguileh), and a quick look at his offspring led me to believe that there were none left who only traced to Al Khamsa-accepted foundation horses plus Nureddin II. In other words, I thought there were no living descendants of his which, if Nureddin II were ever to be accepted by Al Khamsa, could be added to the Al Khamsa Roster. I was wrong. They may two or three left.

Some of the last otherwise Al-Khamsa-eligible Arabians with a line to Nureddin II traced to the ‘Ubayyah Sharrakiyah mare Laida and those of her descendants who were bred at Anchor Hill Stud, from the tail female of the desert-bred Davenport mare *Abeyah. These no longer have otherwise Al-Khamsa eligible offspring.

But there is another line of horses that trace exclusively to Al Khamsa-accepted Arabians plus Nureddin II, and this one might have a handful descendants still living. This is the 1970 mare GC Faseema (Fa-Rousse x Raseema by Indrage out of Kaffa by *Sunshine), a Kuhaylah Hayfiyah tracing in tail female to the desert-bred mare *Reshan. Her grandsire, the 1934 stallion Indrage (*Mirage x Indaia by Raseem x Nisreen by Nureddin II, photo below) was a popular sire for Roger Selby. This mare has a very old pedigree that spans fifty years over just two generations.

GC Faseema looks like she produced three mares by Egyptian stallions (these Egpytian stallions often came in handy to the rescue of old asil lines). Of these, only one, GC Hoss So, a 1978 mare by Hossny (*Ansata Ibn Halima x Sanaa) has a number of offspring of interest to this entry. There are five of them, but only one of them, the 1984 stallion THA Sareei Moniet (Akid El Sarei x GC Hoss So by Hossny) looks like he has any registered and otherwise Al-Khamsa eligible get according to Datasource, the online service of the Arabian Horse Association. There is a sister that seems young enough to breed, the 1992 mare So Lei (Glorieta Montagne x GC Hoss So), but she does not seem to have any registered get.

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