The Babolna asil Arabians are now part of the Al Khamsa roster

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on September 7th, 2009 in General

Hurrah! The Babolna Roster proposal unanimously (41 – 0) passed the second round of voting during the Al Khamsa assembly in Redmond, Oregon. This means, among other things, that the living descendants of the mare 25-Amurath Sahib and the stallion Siglavy Bagdady VI are now accepted by Al Khamsa, following a thorough research process.  Below is a photo of the Babolna head stallion Farag II (Farag x 25-Amurath Sahib), courtesy of Tzviah Idan.

To me, this marks the second step towards constituting an international Roster of asil Arabians horses, based on the Al Khamsa Roster. The first step was taken when Al Khamsa accepted the line of Soldateska (1911), the one remaining asil line from the Weil-Marbach stud in Germany, a few years ago.

Farag II (Farag x 25 Amurath Sahib)

2 Responses to “The Babolna asil Arabians are now part of the Al Khamsa roster

  1. An historic occassion. Many thanks to everyone who helped make this happen, in particular Jeanne Craver, RJ Cadranell, and yourself, Edouard.
    More importantly, although less than a handful, there are breeders in Hungary and Germany who are dedicated to preserving what is left of their living descendants.
    The progress towards an international roster of asil Arabian horses duly noted. Well done!

  2. These Arabians are exquisite! I am hoping some will find their way over to the United States. I would love to have a trio of Tzviah’s fine stock!

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