Technical Tips

By Edouard Aldahdah

Posted on January 27th, 2010 in General

I just noticed I wrote my 500th blog entry a few days ago, and with it came the realization that the amount of material available on ‘Daughter of the Wind’ may soon become unmanageable to some of the readers less familiar with the various – and not always user-friendly – ways of navigating it.

So here are few tips, keeping in mind that there are three columns to this blog, with the articles appearing on the left column:

1) if you are looking for information on the horses of a particular country (Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, France, Germany, etc) or just for a broad topic (Bedouins, Tribes, Strains, Racing, etc. ) then click under “Themes”, in the central column. You will find under each broad theme category all the blog entries that directly related to it.

2) if you are looking for more specific information (a particular strain e.g., Hamdani, Hayfi ; a particular breeding group e.g. Davenport or Crabbet; or particular famous breeder or family of breeders e.g. Saud, Mauvy, Blunt, then click under “Labels”, in the right column. You will need to scroll down to the middle of the column.

3) If you know what you are looking for and it’s very specific, just use the “search function” in the right column, not far from the “Labels”.

5 Responses to “Technical Tips

  1. Maybe it’s just me, but the blog is no longer in three columns. The column that used to be on the right is way at the bottom. ??

  2. At least with my web browser, the right hand column shifts to the bottom if the browser window isn’t wide enough. Stretch the browser window to widen it, and the right-hand column pops back into place. Your browser might be different!

  3. I just fixed it.

  4. Thanks, Edouard! Much easier to scan the blog now!

  5. Tried to post under the Dharanad entry as an addition to the link to some great old articles on the DAHC site, but couldn’t figure out how to do it. 🙂

    So thought this might be a good second choice.

    Anyway, came across Robin Weeks old GeoCities site that included a number of the old Raswan articles which appeared in the Western Horsemen mags (and a few others) including a series on strains. Lots of photos as well. Many (but not all) of these articles were later published in Raswan’s “A Collection of Articles”. It was later reprinted.

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